Daymond Duck on The Tribulation Period at Mid-America Prophecy Conference in Tulsa

Part I

The Covenant is an everlasting Covenant.  God gave the promised land to Jacob for Israel.  (Gen 35)  Covenant goes through Jacob and his descendants. None of the promised land belong to the Arabs or Palestinians.

Remember the Sabbath Keep his commandments.  It is an instruction with a blessing for the sabbath year. (Lev 26)  Triple crop in 6th year for 7th year!

Disobedience is costly.  Chances to repent but eventually costs a year for every year not kept.  The years accumulate.  Punishments for other commandments broken also.  God would be very patient but very serious about the instructions.  NOT FOREVER — but for specific times based on their actions! (Lev 26:44-45)

Bicycle illustration — do not ride bicycle in the road; if you do I will take it away from you.  Still his bicycle.  Just put away for a while because of failure to follow instructions.

History of Israel shows this dynamic going on through the years.  Jeremiah 25: 8-10

The Church has not replaced Israel; he did not cancel his covenant with Israel st

Daniel was studying Jeremiah and understood the Sabbath concept but did not understand the Leviticus commandments and additional years.

Reminded God that He is merciful!

Daniel 9:21-22, 24, 25-27

Gabriel cane along to give him skill and understanding.

“week” = 7 of something!

Seventy weeks

Nehemiah 2:1-8

Countdown clock starts in the month of Nisan (the year is disputed (Scofield says 445BC others say 444BC Horner)

Gabriel foretold the exact day of the first coming of Jesus — Daniel 9:25

173,880 days

Nisan 10 Triumphal Entry

Gabriel divided the 490 years into three time periods — Daniel 9

70 weeks or 490 years

Luke 19: 41-44         What Jesus said when he made his triumphal entry on Nisan 10.

You should have known but you failed to study bible prophecy / you ignored the bible warnings!

The Tribulation Period

Nisan 10 Significance:

select passover lamb on Nisan 10 see Exodus 12:1-3, 6

1) family sacrifice

2) national sacrifice by priests at the temple Nisan 14

evening is 3-6p in Israel

Passover Day Matthew 26

Exodus 12:10

John 19:31

Jesus Lamb of God

Antichrist will come from a revived Roman Empire

Daniel 9:27

They are planning a treaty with the ‘many’ for September 2011

Antichrist will stop sacrifices (but must restart in order to be able to stop)

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Part II

Animal sacrifices will begin again (and be stopped by Antichrist)

see Daniel 9:27  The tribulation period will begin when the antichrist signs a treaty for seven years of peace in the Middle East.

On July 15, 2010 Benjamin Netanyahu told the US CFR that there will have to be a TIME FACTOR in any treaty signed in order to see if they will keep the agreement before they sign something more permanent.

Negotiations are ongoing and getting very very serious.

Global Governance by 2025

Agenda 21

UN to regulate utilities

US supports global taxes

Innovative financing mechanisms being put in place

US supports North American Union / troops on Mexico border

Immigration laws not being enforced, because the troops will not enforce immigration laws

North American Union — US Canada and Mexico

Biometric Border card patterned after the European Union — trusted traveler

Incrementally proceed means gradually merge the three nations

E commerce, transportation, food, health, services

Erasing the borders

CFR called for the elimination of our borders by 2010.

Beyond the Border declaration legalizing continental integration the NAU with a parliament

United States of Mexico

North American Union – one of the 10 kings in bible prophecy  (US will probably disappear)

NATO is the single defense system for the empire


Dead in Christ will be raised and meet him in the air

Millions will disappear from the earth

3 out of 4 will not survive the following 7 years

4 Horsemen of the Apocolypse

1) Revelation 6:1-2 Antichrist will arise (deceiver)

Goal is world domination

2) Peace removed

3) Famine and Economic Collapse 2010 record high temperatures / wheat crops failing and prices near record high (China using reserves)  Plant a home garden.

Pentagon studying how a food crisis would impact the US / Food supplies are a problem. Inflation used called QE-2 will necessitate an orderly printing of money.

April 18, 2011 downgraded US rating / IMF predicted that 2016 will be the end of the age of America.

4) Death of 1/4 of those on earth

5) Persecution of Believers

Defense of Marriage act not supported

Department of Homeland Security  to build temporary detention centers on an ‘as needed’ basis $385B allocated

Blood Moons in 2014 and 2015 on feast days

Earthquakes and Tsunamis already escalating

Islands will be moved and disappear

Days shortened

Revelation 7: 1-8 Male Jewish evangelists will lead many to Christ

Two witnesses will appear and prophesy for 3 1/2 years

Antichrist will kill them and the whole world will watch when God raises them from the dead

Networks now exists where that can occur and be fulfilled

Mark of the beast / Eye scans are already in use

Chips are a reality “smart dust”

Babylon is Rising (Revelation 17-18) US giving money to Iraq

Euphrates River will dry up (Rev 16:12)’

This foreshadows the coming Tribulation Period

The sun is waking up

The kings of the east (China is on the rise) Rev 16

The Battle of Armageddon (Rev 16:16

The stage is now set for the Tribulation Period


Biometrics+RFID Technology+Data Sharing=International ID & Tracking System

axxiom banner cropped

I am sure everyone has seen this astonishing (for some) article from the Financial Times that openly speaks of the real possibility for the formation of some form of a global government.

And now for a world government

We all want to wake up our fellow citizens to the peril that we are aware of but I think that our efforts at the moment will be more effective aimed at lawmakers. There is plenty of “waking up” to do among the people working under the capitol dome in OKC and other states. One thing we can do besides wringing our hands is to start inundating our lawmakers in our very own state and ask them to protect the sovereignty of Oklahoma by adopting the Tenth Amendment Resolution as quickly as possible, as first order of business this legislative session.  This resolution is accompanied by approximately 8-9 bills created to specifically address the outrageous identification methods proposed by the federal government that does nothing to increase the security of Americans and instead will make them more vulnerable and less free than ever before.

Oklahomans will hold an assembly to promote the Tenth Amendment Resolution and other bills being introduced (not only on Oklahoma, but in as many as 20 states across the country) that would create new laws designed to prevent misuse of technology that puts our most basic rights in jeopardy.

The Citizens Assembly for Oklahoma Sovereignty will be held on Jan. 3rd, 2009 at 7pm in OKC.

The Real ID act is the most widely known example of the sort of technology misuse we aim to stop. The fact that it is an unfunded mandate is not the worst part of this act.  The collection and sharing of biometric data, not only nationally but INTERNATIONALLY that it enables would undermine our freedom on so many levels as to render the liberties we still retain a moot point.  Don’t let them snow you-this is exactly what they intend to do.

The Homeland Security Department’s plans for sharing biometric information internationally — designed to counter the threat of terrorism — face resistance from domestic privacy advocates and European governments that follow stricter privacy laws that protect personal data.

Senior DHS officials speaking at a recent conference on biometrics and privacy policy outlined the ethical imperative for technical standards that would foster unrestricted biometric data sharing. And while they say they recognize and agree with the need for privacy policy, threats of terrorism require governments and private companies to completely eliminate barriers to biometric data sharing.

Robert Mocny, acting program manager for the U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology program, sketched the outline of a Global Security Envelope of internationally shared biometric data that would permanently link individuals with their personal data held by governments and corporations.

read more here>>

Although Oklahoma has prohibited participation in the REAL ID in 2007 when we passed SB 474, Gov. Brad Henry, who signed off on the bill later submitted a request to the Dept. of Homeland Security asking for an extension. This gives the impression that we may comply but need more time or resources.

This system is worse that a national ID, it will be a global ID

Under the REAL ID ACT, state drivers licenses’ must have a machine-readable strip that will contain personal information that could be accessed by foreign governments as well as private corporations.  The biometric data and the other personal data would become part of a database accessible not only by state agencies, but by the federal government and foreign governments, including Mexico and Canada.

Mark Lerner, nationally recognized biometric expert, cuts to the chase. “With the issues facing the world; war, economic chaos, poverty, dwindling resources, population growth and so on our government and others want a system of control over people and resources.  I ask everyone to consider there is only one reason our government is using standards (international) that call for global interoperability, the reason being control of the people.”

Biometrics is the key because biometrics allow for both the long distance and short distance identification of people.” says Mark.

By the way, a simple digital photo is all that is needed to gain your facial biometrics (facial recognition technology) you can be entered in this system of networked databases without ever giving consent. The DMV, for example, uses your digital snapshot taken for a state driver’s license in Oklahoma this way. CCTV, the surveillance cameras you see popping up everywhere also do the trick.

RFID industry insiders say the within 3 years the RFID readers will be refined enough to be read by low orbiting satellites (within 200 miles of the earth)

Your Biometrics entered into a database that is networked with other databases along with a little help from RFID technology and Walla! You now have yourself a global ID and tracking system. What could one do with one of those? Just imagine the possibilities….Please! Consider the possibilities.

**Biometrics is an individual’s unique behavioral, physical traits that are translated to digital form. See this document from OK-SAFE.,Inc. for more on biometrics.

If we permit these steps (Biometric collection, retention and sharing, the connecting of databases and RFID enabled documents) to be taken- then That is it!

There is no way to reverse it.  Once those databases are linked they will not be undone.  Our federal government, private corporations and international bodies will then have the ability either through malice, mistake or simply through the inevitable glitches that are present even in the best of data management systems, be able to separate us from buying, selling, traveling, working, receiving health care and a host of other of life’s necessities. Not to mention what a gold mine this would be for hackers and identity thieves. The U.S. government cannot even keep its own data secure.

Security experts lift lid on Chinese hack attacks

But the government won’t be in control of your information; the databases will be managed by private corporations like AAMVA.

Here is an example of the fine work of EDS, the company that will and already is handling the AAMVA’s (American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators) database;

Mark Lerner of the Constitutional Alliance made this statement when he recently addressed the Michigan House of Representatives;

Lawmakers at the state and federal level have been assured American’s personal information was not being shared with foreign governments.  Obviously information is being shared through (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators)  There is also Robert Mocny’s, of DHS, comments about sharing information with Europe, Asia and corporations to create a global security envelope Finally, an article in the Washington Post recently specifically addresses the collecting and potential sharing of American’s personal information with foreign governments.  It is noteworthy that DHS posted their intentions in the Federal Register.  It took a month for any media outlet to discover the positing in the Federal Register

Countries obligated to share data, U.S. official says

Mocny said governments should work together to build “a global infrastructure” of technology and systems to share information while ensuring that privacy protections and ethical practices are in place. He said “it makes no sense” to build “separate and disparate systems that don’t talk to each other.”

Essentially, your federally mandated Real ID card will be what grants you the ability to go about your necessary, daily life functions. Our Natural Rights are granted to us by virtue of birth by our Creator- Our rights to life, liberty, property . . .those are the un-a-lien-able (intrinsic, non-transferred)rights of every one of us since the moment we entered this world! Will you allow anyone to wield the power to separate you from the essential rights you came into this world possessing as a human being? It is not hard to grasp the danger that such a system presents to a free people.

If you feel overwhelmed by the myriad of issues facing us that threaten to destroy the founding principles of the United States, let me suggest a course of action that stands a chance to protect us against most of the worst of it.  Let your representatives know that you want our state to pass the Tenth Amendment Resolution. Tell them that Oklahoma must act to protect our constitutional guarantees to self-government.  This is the 11th hour and not the time for compromise.  Make an impression on the lawmakers who will not take steps to protect your rights. Call them – make it part of your schedule to make one call, send one email, one letter a day to your reps.



Project Vote Smart is a great resource

Mark this date on your calendar-January 3rd at 7pm there will be a Citizens Assembly for Oklahoma Sovereignty held in OKC.

Press Release on Freeople

Color Flyer

Black & White Flyer

R3publican Announcement

If you live elsewhere, find out what your legislators plan to do about this and how you can help them to be informed.


We are called to stand behind the lawmakers who have the courage to stand up to for the US Constitution and to the federal government.

The people will have to step up to the plate now and be willing to do whatever it takes to get their attention. This is too big of an issue to just leave entirely up to our lawmakers’ judgment . They may need more information and encouragement from us. Let’s do whatever it takes to stop this system from being imposed upon us including personal visits, handwritten letters and phone calls Let’s be thinking of more creative ways of getting the message across too. Can we send them singing telegrams? How about a quartet (or herd) of off-key, angry constituents? Caroling anyone? I’m not really joking, whatever it takes!

Call your representative and find out where he or she stands on the Tenth Amendment, Real ID, RFID, biometric identification and info sharing. How about the improper use of Social security numbers? One of the bills we need to support covers that too.

So far as I know, in OK we have about 8 representatives willing to take the high and narrow path by sponsoring specific legislation to prevent our information from being, collected, retained or shared in such a way as to compromise the rights of Oklahomans. Randy Brogdon (D), Charles Key(R), Mike Ritze (R), Anthony Sykes (R), Constance Johnson (D), Marion Cooksey (R), George Faught (R), and Jason Murphey (R).

We can, we must stop the destruction of this Republic. A strong turnout to the Citizens Assembly on Jan 3rd will help embolden other state officials to cast their lot for the US Constitution and will serve notice to the ones that will not that the tide is turning against big government.

Please join us on January 3, 2009 at the “Citizens Assembly for Oklahoma Sovereignty”

In Liberty,


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Constitutional Alliance needs your help on Wednesday – Real ID Urgent Action Item for October 22nd | Freeople

Constitutional Alliance needs you to respond to our call for action on Wednesday, October 22nd. We are lawmakers, groups and citizens that oppose the Real ID Act, Biometrics and Information sharing domestically and globally.

ON OCTOBER 22nd, WEDNESDAY 8AM – 5PM EST – (normal bus hrs)

(For more details and phone numbers to call follow the read more link below or see flyer link – both contain similar information in slightly different formats see flyer:

Time sensitive request – please post and share tonight for max impact on Wednesday!

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