Vote Reminder: Just say NO on BISD bond election on Tuesday February 14th and save taxpayers a cool $50 Million!

Please tell the school board over and over again to get budgets in order and quit asking for more money in a time where most of us are reducing expenditures and cutting back! It doesn’t take more money to educate children. It requires better management of existing resources. We have given you plenty now get to work managing it properly, setting a good example, and living within our means on existing resources. Back to the drawing board BISD!

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Facebook group with more information here >>> Bartlesville School Bond Issue 2012 ( the Facts)

Flyer opposing bond link here and embedded (downloadable) below >>> Just Say NO to BISD School Bond 2012 Flyer — Vote on February 14th 2012

As the flyer says:

We can spend less… reduce taxes…

 and still meet our students’ needs.

Send the School Board back to the drawing board!

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