dõTERRA Oils

Would you like to get involved with essential oils and better living?

Connect with our dõTERRA4all team Website here >>>

Click on pic to visit my store!

Visit my store to order products or sign up to be a distributor in your area (click join for membership)

Shopping online via www.mydoterra.com/scrosnoe

then click Shop (top tab)

then click Start Shopping (button)

then enter product name you are looking for in Item Search (slot) and hit enter

place item in your cart and add as many items as you want

then place your order!

Here is a Quick Reference Card for you to see what oils to consider for various problems:

(I am working on a way to improve the quality and/or enlarge the print!)

Click on chart to open document in Scribd (downloadable pdf version there)

For additional information on essential oils I recommend this book which contains details about dōTERRA oils and blends.  It also has application information and dosage tips as well.  It is Modern Essentials – A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils.  The best price I have found is on Amazon.com.  I keep it close by for quick reference daily.  Click on the pic below to view current pricing via Amazon.com:

Click on pic to vist Amazon.com for Modern Essentials book (this photo is of Fourth Edition and Fifth Edition is out now!)

Note 12/10/14: The 6th edition is out and the 5th edition has become very pricey (about $75 with shipping). So if you have a 5th edition KEEP IT! The difference is that many of the doTERRA proprietary blends are apparently not listed (or not listed by the same name) in the 6th edition./sc

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