Sample Ballot for Washington County – Republican Primary District 2 – June 28 2016

If you want to pull down your own sample ballot and if you live in a different area here is an online election tool for Oklahoma.  You can also locate your polling place with the online election tool.

June 28 Statewide Primary Election (7A-7P at your polling place) Vote button
Last day to register to vote: June 3
Deadline to request absentee ballot: 5 p.m. June 22
Early voting: Thursday, June 23, 8 AM – 6 PM
Friday, June 24, 8 AM – 6 PM
Saturday, June 25, 9 AM – 2 PM

More election date info here >>>

Here is the sample ballot for the Republican Primary for Washington County District 2 which will occur on June 28, 2016:

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Republican Primary Sample Ballot for Washington County District 2 – June 28 2016


Senate District 29 Event with Daniels and Oliver via Examiner Enterprise Report

By Nathan Thompson

Julie Daniels and Jean Oliver, both Republican candidates for state Senate District 29, answered questions Monday night during a forum sponsored by the Green Country Republican Women’s Club, held in the Bartlesville City Council chambers.

The event was moderated by Charlie Taraboletti of Bartlesville Radio, and was standing room only. The candidates answered questions ranging from the struggling state budget, education and criminal justice reform.

Green Country Republican Women’s Club president Deb Cook, center, introduces state senate district 29 candidates Jean Oliver, left, and Julie Daniels, right, Monday night during a forum in the Bartlesville City Council chambers. Nathan Thompson/Examiner-Enterprise - See more at:

Green Country Republican Women’s Club president Deb Cook, center, introduces state senate district 29 candidates Jean Oliver, left, and Julie Daniels, right, Monday night during a forum in the Bartlesville City Council chambers. Photo credit: Nathan Thompson/Examiner-Enterprise

Oliver said she was very frustrated with the current legislative session. As a former teacher and wife of a physician, she was troubled with the budget cuts to public schools and health care.

“I’m not a politician, but I decided to run for office when I read about all the problems that Oklahoma was having with its finances,” Oliver said. “I’m especially concerned about the situation with education. I was approached by several educators because they want this issue addressed. We cannot continue to cut and cut and cut educational funding. Oklahoma has cut more funding in education, more than 23 percent, than any other state in the nation.”

Daniels said she wanted to run for office to restore the conservative platform of liberty and to stop federal mandates that have been brought onto state government.

“I very much believe in the strength of our representative form of government,” Daniels said. “I believe in individual freedom and opportunity. I believe in the strength of the family as the basis of the entire network. I am dismayed, disheartened and sometimes discouraged like so many of my conservative brethren in how much we have lost of these freedoms, mainly from the encroachment of the federal government upon states.”
– See more at: Examiner Enterprise Article on Senate District 29

Finding Gems and Sharing Them – Senate District 29 Event with Daniels and Oliver via Examiner Enterprise Report

Washington County Republican Precinct Meetings – Feb 8th at Bartlesville Community Center 7PM

(email dated) January 28, 2016
Republican Party Precinct Meetings February 8
All registered Republicans in Washington County are invited to attend their individual Precinct Meeting on Monday, February 8, 2016, at 7:00 p.m., at the Bartlesville Community Center.  County GOP officials will be on hand to help attendees determine their precinct and join their precinct group for discussion and the election of precinct officers.  
According to County Chairman Mike Dunlap this is the first step to participate in the county and state convention.  “We encourage Republicans to attend their precinct meetings, especially if you are interested in serving as a delegate to the Washington County or State Republican Conventions.”  
The Washington County Convention is scheduled for February 27, with registration from noon to 1:00 p.m., and the convention starting at 1:00 p.m.  The location will be announced soon.  The State GOP Convention is May 13 and 14 in Oklahoma City.  “We will get more information to Republicans as soon as it’s available,” said Dunlap. 
Friday, February 5, is the final day to register to vote in order to participate in the March 1 Presidential Primary Election in Oklahoma.
Contact:                 Mike Dunlap  918-914-1982
                                DeAnna Kahre   918-698-0112
Sandra Crosnoe
PCT 28 Chair

Opt-out Available for PSO’s Smart Meters – at a cost‏

[Received via Email from Gary Kilpatrick with permission to share at the end. Thanks Gary for excellent info and important follow-up to my previous post/sc]

smart-meterPSO is now removing our reliable analog electric meters and replacing them with digital “smart” meters that include a wireless transmitter/receiver. But PSO has not told customers that an unofficial opt-out list exists. I say unofficial because the opt-out program is not legal until the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) gives its approval, which they could do any day.

Lack of space forbids a full discussion of why a smart meter might not be such a good idea, but in summary smart meters are undesirable because they are a health hazard due to increased radiation exposure; they significantly increase the risk of cyber-security breaches of the electric grid; they provide further tools for an invasive government to perform warrantless monitoring of your home; they provide valuable data about your personal habits which power companies desire to be able to market; and due to their fragile, high-tech construction smart meters are prone to failure, often resulting in fires in consumer’s homes.

Although I am pleased that PSO is offering an opt-out, PSO has asked for exorbitant opt-out fees: a one-time fee of $183 if you opt-out before 12/31/2016 and $261 after 12/31/2016; and a monthly charge of $28.

In a hearing at the OCC Wednesday of this week the Oklahoma Attorney General, representing PSO’s customers, stated that the fees proposed by PSO were not fair, just and reasonable. The Attorney General provided several means by which the estimated costs of the opt-out program could be reduced; offered evidence of opt-out fees from a number of states, all of which were significantly lower than those proposed by PSO (the average monthly fee in the other states was $11); and argued that it was inappropriate for PSO to charge monthly opt-out fees at this time because the cost of reading existing meters is already imbedded in the electric rates customers are currently paying. In addition the Attorney General noted that in a recent filing OG&E has requested approval of an opt-out program and their one-time fee is 38% lower than PSO’s and OG&E’s monthly fee is 50% lower than PSO’s.

An additional problem with PSO’s opt-out program is that it does not include any consideration for those people who are extremely sensitive to micorwave radiation nor for low income households. Both the medically sensitive and low income households will suffer the most when a smart meter is installed on their homes, and it is unconscionable that the opt-out fees have been set so high.

If you, like me, do not desire to have a smart meter, then I suggest the following:

1) Call PSO customer service at 1-888-216-3523 and ask to be put on the opt-out list for smart meters. You will receive a call from the Bartlesville customer service representative. She will tell you that no official list exists yet, and will try to convince you to change your mind. Be polite – she is just doing her job. The decision to charge unreasonable opt-out fees – to even install smart meters in the first place – was made way up the PSO food chain. After making this call tape a note to your existing analog meter stating that you do not want a smart meter and that you have asked to be put on the opt-out list. Although PSO initially agreed to honor this unofficial opt-out list, they have not been uniform in their response when they (actually their contractors) come to your house to slap the new meter on (that is literally how it happens);

2) Call the three OCC Commissioners (Dana Murphy @405-521-2267; Todd Hiett @ 405-521-2264; and Bob Anthony @ 405-521-2261) and tell them you support, in fact demand, an opt-out program, but the fees proposed by PSO are not fair, just and reasonable. In addition tell them you want to keep your analog meter, not some partially disabled smart meter. Under the opt-out program PSO plans on giving you a digital meter with the communication chip disabled. There are very good safety reasons why you should want to keep your analog meter. Call soon, they could vote any day;

3) Call the Attorney General’s office and thank him for representing “we the people” in the PSO opt-out case and encourage him to continue to aggressively represent the people of Oklahoma against big business and big government; and finally

4) Attend an information meeting about the hazards of microwave radiation exposure (cell phones, smart meters, portable phones, baby monitors, etc.) to be held on Thursday, February 4th at 6:30 P.M. at the Bartlesville Public Library.

Gary Kilpatrick
Bartlesville, OK

P.S. Feel free to forward this email liberally. The thing PSO fears most is a tremendous outcry against their outrageously high fees for customers simply wanting to keep their old analog meters rather than exposing their family’s to unnecessary radiation.

Dear PSO Customer – new digital meter coming soon letter

AEP-PSO New Digital Meter Installation Letter dated Jan 05 2016AEP-PSO Oklahoma – New Digital Meter Installation Letter dated Jan 05 2016.  It is all about new digital meter installations coming soon.  I got a phone call today about it also.

Here is a pdf version of the letter above.

AEP-PSO New Digital Meter Installation Letter dated Jan 05 2016

smart-meterAnd yes, I will be making a call!  If you do too, please comment below.  I’d love to compare notes.


PSO’s Customer Solutions Center



Here are a few questions I have:

  • Can you guarantee me no health risks?
  • Will you cover the costs of any health issues that arise?
  • Can you assure my privacy regarding personal data and energy usage?
  • Can you assure me that I will not be charged in the future for the cost of this installation?
  • How do I opt out and keep what is already installed instead?
  • What do I need to do to protect my sensitive equipment during your installation?

Source post



National Day of Prayer in Bartlesville Was a Solemn Assembly with a Spirit of Humility

National Day of Prayer 2015

Pastors from all over the city led prayers over various topics from Marriage to Business, to Media and more. Together we prayed out loud a prayer of repentance – chilling in it’s scope. While I have attended the day of prayer events in the past and even called people to join in —  this time there was something different in the air. I don’t know if people realize how much trouble we are in as a nation, but they seemed to. There was a spirit of humility in the air, a sense of urgency to get it right, a calling that we must beseech the Lord for His grace and mercy in this time.  We have failed to do the things necessary to protect this nation in this hour.  We do not know if there is time to turn things around, but we do know the solutions are beyond our abilities.  We will need the intervention of the Lord God Almighty every step of the way.
National Day of Prayer 2015 inside

National Day of Prayer 2015 back

National Day of Prayer Bartlesville 2015 - cropped


 (Donna Gustafson, Congressman Jim Bridenstine, Paul Gustafson, Pastor Rod MacIlvane, Sandra Crosnoe at the Bartlesville National Day of Prayer 2015)

National Day of Prayer – Bartlesville
5/7/15 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
The Voice of the Martyrs Auditorium

Events in other areas: :

The Results are in for Washington County Precinct Chairs — on to the County Convention

Meeting held at Elks Lodge in Bartlesville January 20th.  Several people tried to attend but were unable to find the building.  There are also some issues with how the meeting was called and if enough advance notice was given.  I have made a formal verbal (but witnessed) request to the chair for a copy of the executive committee members.  Another precinct chair has made a written request for the minutes of the executive committee meetings.  We’ll see what is produced and if it is done so timely.  It appears that Mike Dunlap plans to run for chair at the county convention.  That seems like a bit of a conflict of interest to me because he already holds an elective office.  It remains to be seen if the grassroots will permit such a thing to occur.

Anyway you may be able to add your name to the county convention list by contacting your precinct chair and letting them know of your interest so that they can turn your name in.  There is some discussion over the appropriate cutoff for that to occur, but suffice it to say if you don’t ask it sure won’t happen!

Apparently all the committees were set without input from the county committee once again, because we haven’t met in ages.  If I find out who is chairing the committees and when they are meeting I will let you know.  Right now it appears a precinct chair doesn’t need to know that information in this county.

Here are the results of the precinct officer selections from our meetings this week.

Washington County GOP Precinct Officers 2015

Washington County Republican Convention:

The Washington County Republican Party Convention will also be held at the Elks Lodge on February 21st with registration starting at 12 noon.

(Elks Lodge Address: 1060 Swan Drive, Bartlesville, OK 74006)  Be sure you do a practice run on finding this if you don’t know because the name isn’t on the building and the street isn’t labeled, but a longtime resident will have no problem.  I sure hope we get better at welcoming newcomers and making things easier and following the rules and keeping things grassroots not top-down.  Ah well, I can dream can’t I?!


Information below from previous post about precinct meetings.  

Additional links and references that may be of interest.


Washington County Precinct Map in Oklahoma:

Washington County PCT Map


Here is another way to find your precinct information:  Voter registration info – polling place and more

I got an email from one of the party officers the other day that our meetings in Washington County have been scheduled.  Here are the meeting details; and remember you must be registered Republican to participate in the Republican party meetings:

The Washington County Republican Party will be holding their Biennial Precinct Meetings on Tuesday January 20th at 7 pm at the Elks Lodge in Bartlesville,  OK.  (Elks Lodge Address: 1060 Swan Drive, Bartlesville, OK 74006)

The Washington County Republican Party Convention will also be held at the Elks Lodge on February 21st with registration starting at 12 noon.

The party rules are here>>>

The party platform is here>>>

If you plan to bring resolutions to submit for consideration, please bring at least 3 copies!

Sandra Crosnoe

Washington County Republican Precinct Chair – Precinct 28


References:  The Official Call for the 2015 Oklahoma Republican Party State Convention

Sample OKGrassroots Resolutions from previous years here — and more!

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