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For many years I have recommended that people hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Well I am here to tell you that things I observe via friends indicate that we could be entering a time of real turmoil in our land. Even if it is just a rough winter ahead, please be sure you have supplies for at least 3 months on hand at all times. If you live in the city be sure to have a backup plan should you need to get out of the city on short notice.

Be prepared! He who has an ear, let him hear…

“A wise man built his house upon the rock.” see Matthew 7:24-27 for entire context

Below are some suggestions for doing that for you to consider. It is also a pdf file linked at the bottom to share in a printed one page front and back flyer as you wish:


Be Prepared for any Emergency — 50 items for survival

“A wise man built his house upon the rock.” see Matthew 7:24-27

1.    Rural land in red county, red state if possible, preferably not at sea level

2.    Access to water via non-electric means

3.    Water filtration, including a gravity filter

4.    Soil, seeds, fertilizers and tools for growing food / sprouting

5.    Stored food to get you through (don’t forget freeze dried fruits for nutrition) Pemmican is a good one and can last up to two year in the shelf.

6.    Large volume of salt, and some spices like pepper

7.    Cooking: Boil water, wood stove, solar oven, grain grinder, rocket stove, pans, pots, cups, etc.

8.    Shelter (house, tent, cabin, RV, shack or whatever you can manage)

9.    Cordage: Ropes, twine, string, fishing line, 550 paracord, zip ties, bungee cords, rubber bands

10.    Fire starters, magnesium rods, storm proof matches, etc.

11.    Knives, blades, edged weapons, hatchet, axe, mallet, sledge hammer

12.    Community: Make friends, visit farmers markets, establish friendly relationships

13.    Firearms and ammo for security (22 LR, 9mm, 5.56, etc.)

14.    Gold and silver (junk silver) for barter, maybe some cash. Barter items: Alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, 22LR ammo, fuel, seeds, toilet paper

15.    Radio communications including two-way and a hand-cranked radio

16.    Stored fuel: Diesel and diesel vehicles for emergencies

17.    Emergency medicine and antiseptics, including iodine, chlorine dioxide, colloidal silver, manuka honey and emergency dental, charcoal, ivermectin, hydroxy, artemisinin (sweet wormwood)

18.    Bandaging, gauze, clotting, tourniquets, wound bandaging

19.    Pandemic PPE – masks, visors, body suits, plastic sheeting, liquid sprayers

20.    Herbs, essential oils (lavender, peppermint, oregano, tea tree), herb seeds and ultrasonic cleaner for extracts, vodka, etc.

21.    Honey, paraffin, glycerin, beeswax, vitamin E, things to make salves, lotions, medicines

22.    Night vision / thermal observation equipment (look at AGM brand for affordable thermal monoculars)

23.    Thermal blankets for anti-detection by thermal imaging including drones and robots

24.    Lights: 18650 batteries, LED lights, headlamps

25.    Perimeter defense and alert tech (motion sensing lights) and dogs

26.    Ballistic vests, slings, gear to carry magazines

27.    Backup stash and bugout plan with a smaller version of your stuff at the bugout location

28.    Topo maps, printed maps of your area

29.    Signaling equip: Mirrors, whistles, compass

30.    Silent defense: Crossbow, suppressed weapon w/ subsonic rounds

31.    Reference books / hardcopy: DIY projects, homesteading, food preservation, firearms assembly

32.    Paper, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, envelopes

33.    Personal care supplies: Toilet paper (grow “Mullein” plant also know as “Cowboy TP” and can make tea used for asthma and respiratory problems, hygiene products, eyeglasses, soaps, deodorant, etc.

34.    Food preservation: Drying, salting, canning supplies

35.    Off grid transportation method such as a bicycle or quadricycle

36.    Low-tech heat system (wood stove, kerosene space heater, etc.)

37.    OTC medicine chest items: Anti-itch, anti-diarrhea, painkillers, blood tests, bug spray, etc.

38.    Solar battery bank to charge and run devices, including batteries, flashlights, mobile devices, etc.

39.    Off-grid electricity: Tractor PTO, or diesel generator, or solar

40.    Spare batteries, chargers, 18650 batteries and devices where possible

41.    Sewing, repair, tape kits, glue, safety pins, clothespins, so you can repair clothing

42.    Rugged shoes, shoe repair equipment such as shoe goo

43.    Containers: Buckets, barrels and bags, glass bottles, jars, medicine containers, with tops, water pouches, trash bags for waste, and thick bags for human waste

44.    Tools: Electric and hand drills, volt meters, hammers, shovels, rakes, gardening, barbed wire, T-posts, saws, multitools

45.    Aluminum foil, wax paper, parchment paper, plastic wrap

46.    Plumbing repair, PEX pipes, crimps, cutters, connectors

47.    Off-grid activities, radio shows, MP3 files, books, games, cards

48.    Spare parts for cars, appliances, etc. filters, oil, gasket repair goo, tire plugs, rubber patches, epoxy glues, resins, bonding agents

49.    Fishing gear: Rod, reel, string, hooks, etc.

50.    SKILLS, skills, skills. Know-how. DIY. Learn how to repair and maintain everything you own.

Bonus Item:   In the event you need to leave your immediate area have a light walk away pack per person, with 1 week of chow, light tent or poncho\tarp small rope or 550 cord, pocket knife, lighter bic, water filter straw, small cooking light weight pot or cup, extra skivies, socks and undies, hygiene items, meds , extra ammo and weapon, small radio extra batteries, large hip knife and/or hatchet.  Canteens or Camelback or tough water bottles.

File is in pdf format to download

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