PSA: The Armani Jacket is on Sale Now!

I read an article recently about a speech Hillary Clinton gave on income inequality for women in a Giorgio Armani Jacket that cost $12,495. There wasn’t much about the speech there though.

When Hillary Clinton won the New York primary in April, she called for ‘raising wages and reducing inequality’ and building ‘ladders of opportunity’ while sporting a $12,495 Georgio Armani jacket.

It was just one small part of a major wardrobe overhaul that one fashion expert pegged as a six-figure operation, the New York Post reported.

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Anyway I did some research to find this pricey jacket and read the details about it. Guess what I discovered?!

This is a public service announcement for all you ladies out there!

The jacket is now on sale at Nieman Marcus for only $7500.  And you can earn triple points. You heard it here first. Rush right over and get yours today. Here’s the photo from NM and a link so you can go shopping!

Armani Jacket 12k Neimans

Giorgio Armani Fantasia Jacket at Nieman Marcus

Here is Hillary ‘modeling’ the Armani jacket giving a speech on Roosevelt Island recently.  You can read more about her fashion choices for the campaign trail here.

Hillary in Armani Jacket



Finding Gems & Sharing Them – PSA:  The Armani Jacket is on Sale Now


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