Vaxxed Warning to All Parents!

Vaxxed in Tulsa cropped 2016

Vaxxed in Tulsa June 2-9 2016 (Sandra Crosnoe, LaShelle Griffith, Joanna Francisco on June 4th)

VAXXED in Tulsa documentary with inside track on dangers of vaccines and linkage to rising rates of autism especially related to early vaccinations with MMR vaccine. Warning — Parents be informed and beware. CDC behavior in the matter is nothing short of criminal. It was certainly not protecting the organization was chartered to protect and those paying their salaries as well! #4life #vaccines with #commonsense

See this film in Tulsa or OKC through June 9th.

More info on (with links for showtimes)

Special thanks to OK4vaxchoice (more great info on their website on topic)

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Vaxxed Warning to All Parents!


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