Happy 800th Birthday Magna Carta!

It is always good to refresh our memories about history and best to do that with sources like John McManus (JBS). Special thanks to A D Curtis for the find!


Happy 800th Birthday Magna Carta!
by JBS President John F. McManus

On June 15, 1215, a group of rebel barons with swords at the ready presented England’s unpopular King John with a document that has come to be known as the Magna Carta (Great Charter). Actually drafted by the Archbishop of Canterbury and named and agreed to by both parties during their meeting at Runnymede, the document elicited promises from the king to protect church rights, cancel unjust imprisonment, establish swift justice proceedings, and place limits on taxation. The Barons agreed to cease threatening the king.

Image from Wikipedia.

Historians note that neither side stood by their commitments. Pope Innocent III, almost immediately, declared it null. There followed the first “Barons’ War,” King John’s death from natural causes, and the beginning of the reign of his nine-year-old son, Henry III. It was under Henry’s authority that the document was…

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