What is Important in a Campaign? – Well that Depends on the Man!

Yesterday at the Rock the Vote Event in Bartlesville at Sooner Park, several of us were visiting under the shade about campaigns and good times.  As we were getting ready for the event, speakers and bands were gathering, people were on the hillside visiting, flags were waving and the weather was perfect.  Off in the distance, games were in progress and children were on their skateboards traversing the hills and rolling paths.

Suddenly one of the boys coming down a hill we could see, took a spill and was on the ground.   I am sure he was in pain, but also not wanting people to know of his fall.  Randy Brogdon was right by my side and saw the fall occur.  He said to me,  “I’m going to go see if he is ok.” and proceeded to walk the distance to check on the young man.  A friend of mine snapped this picture and shared it with me.Randy Brogdon with Skateboarder1

She later visited with the young man herself and asked if he know who he was talking to earlier and he indicated that he did not. She told him that was Randy Brogdon and that he was a candidate for US Senate. The young man expressed his amazement and appreciation that Randy Brogdon took time away from his campaign and the event to check on him. Randy did not do it for thanks or public accolades, he did it because he cares about the people. How do I know? Because he knew the picture was taken but did not ask for a copy or ask us to make it public.

But I thought you should know.

If you want more information about his campaign, please visit Randy Brogdon (RandyBrogdon.com)

H/T LaShelle Griffith for photo

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for Finding Gems & Sharing Them


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