Washington County Grassroots Prayer Group Potluck Speakers — Gale Kane and Randy Barnett — Thursday night at 6PM

Our Washington County Grassroots Prayer Group

Pot Luck Dinner will be Thursday night 07/18/13

@6 pm at Sandra Crosnoe’s home

(please RSVP to 918.440.6876 for directions)


Gale Kane , Author of ‘Bartlesville Means Business’  and ‘Frank’s Fancy’ will
talk to us about the history of Bartlesville and Woolaroc.

Click on book pics to order online.  Bring your book(s) to be autographed.

51v7GsxprxL._AA160_  Franks Fancy

Randy Barnett, The importance of the Holy Spirit in our time.

Prayer Topic:

Reference Luke 10

What was Jesus’s Conversation with the Pharisee’s all about?
How do we stay humble?

Prayer concerns:


Families of Friends, Neighbors,





My specific prayer is that we all be drawn into closer relationship
with him. That flesh be laid down.  That we look into the hearts of
people and pray for the pain within them. That we begin to understand
true Authority that we were destined to walk in. That we learn just as
commitment is a dual action verb so is submission. As we accepted the
gifts God gave to us and we have committed to care for them; let us
also understand that submission is how we treat one another.   It is
about the proper order of our lives with Christ.  It is In Loving
Him with all our hearts and soul and our neighbor in the same way we
would want to be loved.

In His name

Repenting each day and turning from my wicked ways.


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