Signs of the Times Series: Timing 6 – What will Happen to the USA, When

[Editor’s note:  The Bible says in not one, but two places that your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions (see Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17), so we should expect this to occur.  A dream/vision may be prophetic.  It can also be for a warning.  If you don’t understand a matter, it is always good to go to the Lord about the matter and ask Him for clarification.


When Clint shared this with me that is what I did.  My heavenly Father did not confirm or deny the accuracy of the vision to me relative to the date.  I have shared it with a few trusted friends and do not get any yeahs or nays only questions.  As I prayed and pondered,  I began to see more and more things lining up with the fact that the USA is under judgement and walking arrogantly now against the will of God in many areas.  Our heavenly Father loves us and wants us to walk righteously and receive His Son and be a blessing to others.  He loves us enough to call us to repentance in many ways and on many levels.


Over and over and over again, the bible tells us ‘he who hath an ear let him hear’.  Are you listening?  What is He telling you?  So I asked the Lord about sharing this word, because you see, I serve as a watchman on the wall.  If I know trouble is coming and fail to warn the people, than I am complicit and a part of the problem rather than the solution (see Ezekiel 33).  The penalties for failure to warn are severe.  Thus I have chosen to publish the series.


Please seek the Lord in this matter and ask Him what it means for you and your household and for the nation.  My prayer is that we will repent, turn from our wicked ways, and turn to the Lord seeking Him while we yet may do so.


II Chronicles 7:14
 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.


2/19/13 sc]



Timing 6 – What will Happen to the USA, When

by Clint Young (reprinted with permission)

Timing 1 – 2300 Days here

Timing 2 – 1290 Days here

Timing 3 – 1335 Days here

Timing 4 – 1260 Days here

Timing 5 – Shortness of Time

In the last 5 e-mails[posts] I have defined 4 different Biblical time periods and shown how they interrelate with each other.  I have attempted to be accurate putting each scripture in context with those around it and the rest of the Word.  I have asked the Heavenly Father for wisdom and submitted my thoughts and timing ideas to Him.  I do believe that the first 4 e-mails are accurate regarding the timing of the 2300 days, the 1290 days, the 1335 days, and the 1260 days.

Perhaps you feel these matters are not important now and perhaps you are right.  Yet, things are changing very rapidly in the Middle East and these days may soon be upon the world.  If this happens, it will affect you and your family.

The 5th e-mail[post] pointed out that the time period of 2300 days which includes the 1290 days, the1260 days and most of the 1335 days, may soon begin.  I define “soon” as within the next couple of years.

In this final e-mail[post] regarding timing I will define what will happen to the USA and when.  This is based upon a vision that I received in January 2009. I do believe the vision that I received was accurate.  This vision was very vividly burned into my memory, much more so than daily events.

Now to answer the question, what will happen to the USA, when?

Every empire falls.  This is the history of the nations and of empires of nations.  The USA will fall. The 10 international banker families who now control most of the world’s currencies have been at work to insure that the USA does fall.  Currently, these families pretty well control the USA through the Federal Reserve which they own.  The president appoints the head of the Federal Reserve.  Yet, the money of the Federal Reserve buys the president and well over 90% of congress.  So before any president appoints a Federal Reserve head, the international banker families who own the Federal Reserve decide who will be appointed.  The Federal Reserve has a very big problem.  That problem is that they know hyperinflation is coming to the USA.  In fact they orchestrated it through the spending policies of Obama and Bush.  When the USD (United States Dollar) will no longer buy anything due to the coming hyperinflation, then the Federal Reserve will lose control.  When the USD is worthless the American peoples will demand that the Federal Reserve be absolved.  At that point the large banking families of the world will lose control of the USA.  They are not about to let that happen.  Instead they will insure the USA is destroyed.

This is the reason that for the last 20 years one USA factory after another has been exported outside of the USA.  The bankers want to insure that the world wide manufacturing base stays in tact after the USA lies in ashes.  About all that is left of the manufacturing base in the USA is the assembly of larger assemblies from smaller sub assemblies that are built outside the USA.  The assembly of sub assemblies into larger assemblies is the easiest of manufacturing and can more easily be reproduced.

Many of the few remaining manufacturing plants in the USA are foreign owned.  These foreign owned companies have insured that any manufacturing that occurs in the USA is duplicated in their own countries.  A tremendous amount of documentation and travel has occurred by American engineers to insure that American based manufacturing can be and is duplicated elsewhere in the world.

The bankers will buy any remaining USA based manufacturing capability they want to preserve in the next 18 months.  They will have this manufacturing capability quickly exported.  I know one mover who can come into any factory and crate up all huge machines and tools and have them shipped anywhere in the world.  This entire process does not take months.  It can be done in a few weeks time in most cases.  He has shipped a lot of once USA factories to somewhere else in the world.  Of course this always meant the loss of a lot of jobs.

If you have any doubt about what I am saying here, just look at the empty factories throughout the USA that once where a source of jobs and wealth for the USA.  Almost all of them are gone.  Most that remain are foreign owned.  Just look at the lost of jobs in the USA.  Job creation will continue to be a worsening problem until the USA goes down.

The international bankers are going to burn down the house called the USA.  They have and are still removing all that they want to keep before it is burned.  I just brought to light one aspect of what they want.  That is the manufacturing capability.  There are many evidences that soon the financial owners of the USA house are going to burn it down.  The question is when?  To answer the “when”, I did ask the Heavenly Father in January of 2009, “when will the USA be destroyed”.

flameThe same evening I asked, I received a vision answering the “how” and the  “when”.  In this vision I was taken to a continuous time wall which begins in 2012.  Beyond that time all events and associated timing are hidden.  When I came to the wall, I said that I can not go past the wall.  At that moment I was taken up in the air above the wall.  Above that wall is a lake of fire.  When I saw the fire I was afraid and tried to back away.  Flames from the fire quickly surrounded me but I was not burned.  I was no longer afraid.  I became aware that another being was with me.  I assumed it was an angel.  But I do not know for sure.  The other being told me to cross the lake of fire.  As I stepped I glided over the top of the lake of fire.  Every direction I stepped, I glided.  It was like walking was transformed into gliding.  As I crossed the lake of fire I noticed what look like a black periscope.  Instead of going up, the periscope went down into the continuous wall below.  I instantly knew what the periscope would do.  Anyone that looked into it could see all the coming events of the future and when these events would occur.  I do not know how I knew this.  I just knew.  I started to glide over to the periscope.  I wanted to look into this most revealing periscope.  But the being with me said “NO.”  Then I looked at the fire around me and became afraid again.  I immediately obeyed the companion I was with.  It was not meant for me to look into that periscope.  Perhaps it is reserved for another.  I do not know.

The lake of fire looked like it went forever.  Yet, I glided quickly over it.  It seemed like it took no time at all to cross.  At the other side of the lake of fire there was a large tunnel.  I went into it.  It was lighted but it was not bright light.  Suddenly, I started to go down this tunnel very fast.  The walls started to become very hazy as I went down the tunnel because I going so fast.  Soon I came out in the air.  I was high above the USA approximately in the middle of the country.  I was looking to the South and to the East of the USA.  Immediately, I started to see a few nuclear explosions in the South and then on the East Coast.  Then many explosions followed.  It looked like the whole land towards the South and the East was destroyed.  I never was allowed to turn to the West in this vision.  These explosions occurred within a few minutes.  As I was watching these nukes go off, a large banner went across the sky.  Written on the banner was “JULY 8, 2013.”  Then I heard a voice which said “July 8, 2013.”

Immediately after both seeing and hearing the date of “July 8, 2013” I was back in the bed where I had laid down for the evening.  I was not in a dream state nor had I yet gone to sleep prior to seeing this vision.  It took me a few moments to realize where I was.  Everything that I saw and heard was very vividly recorded in my memory, more so than ever day events.  I think this is the case because what happened in this vision was apart from the flesh.  So there is no distortion of the vision by the flesh.

If the July 8, 2013 date for the nuclear destruction of the USA is correct, then there is little time left.  The peoples of the USA will not see the end of the daily sacrifice and the beginning of the great tribulation.  However, they may see the building of the temple (“sanctuary”).  They may see the beginning of the daily sacrifice.  We will see.

I have no desire to see the USA destroyed.  I enjoy many benefits this country has to offer.  My family lives here and I do wish for them to also enjoy what I have for so many years.

Nonetheless, if this vision is accurate, then I do believe July 8, 2013 will be the day of tremendous nuclear destruction upon the peoples of the USA.

This is the last e-mail[post]  I will write this year concerning timing. If the geopolitical landscape changes to allow the certain building of the temple (“sanctuary”), I will let you know if I am capable of doing so at the time.

Always go the Heavenly Father for guidance and clarification of anything you think you should or should not do regarding end time events.

[Editor’s note: This is the sixth of a series of 6 posts about biblical ‘end times’ prophecy given to me in email format October/November 2011 and is reprinted with permission.  Clint Young is a friend of mine and has been for many many years. I know him to be a man of integrity and a serious student of scripture. He has a very analytical mind and has spent a great deal of time studying scripture relative to prophetic events (past present and future). I will give you the series on timing first and then some practical advice and tips he has shared with me over the years. Please join with me and examine your heart and see if you are ready for whatever might lie ahead of us. Ask the Lord not only about the condition of your heart but the condition of the nation and if there is anything we can yet do as individuals and as bodies of believers to help one another to see the salvation of the Lord in our midst in ways that will bring as many to Him as possible.  It is important that we keep looking to Him for the answers and know the signs of the times!/sc]

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4 Responses to “Signs of the Times Series: Timing 6 – What will Happen to the USA, When”

  1. Survival and Preparedness on a Practical Level — Setting Priorities for You and Your Family | Finding Gems and Sharing Them Says:

    […] [Clint's comment on priorities:  All of these categories are important.  For now I would say that the spiritual and location are the most important.  If one does not have the help of the Lord Jesus, then most likely they will not survive what is soon coming.  If they are not in the location he leads them to before certain events occur, most likely they will not survive.  See previous posts here on this website for more from Clint Young.] […]

  2. SCadmin Says:

    An update from Clint — July/August 2013 via email in response to a question about this post:

    I received a vision in January 2009 that clearly showed that July 8th, 2013 was the day the USA would be nuked.

    Fortunately, that did not occur. At this point I am somewhat confused because I had never received a vision before and this seemed so real to me. I thought that July 8, 2013 would be the date. I was wrong.

    Chuck Youngbrandt thinks we have 2 or 3 years and has a progression of what he thinks will happen before WWIII breaks out in the USA. I do hope we have 2 or 3 years. This would give my rather young family some time to reach considerable more maturity which will most beneficial if the USA indeed goes down.

    I do believe that in the next 5 years that the earth will see incredible earth events occurring. The earth’s magnetosphere is being tremendously affected and it is not from the direction of the sun but another object below the ecliptic. Some call this Planet X or Nibiru. The number and magnitude of earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, droughts, floods, etc; continues to increase.

    Something is going on for sure. I do believe that these earth events and future projections of coming earth events is what is driving many to soon happen events with war and politics.

    I do believe it is important to move to a rural location of high altitude soon before either the war or earth events take place.



    First and foremost, Jesus Christ is my Lord. I found the Lord Jesus after a repentance message was preached at a Baptist Church in August 1974 in Fort Worth, Texas. I am now 61. I have 8 children. 5 by my first spouse who passed away almost 6 years ago. I remarried in September 2009 to a very nice lady from the Philippines. Her name is Shiela. We now have a 2 (almost 3) and 1 year old and another on the way. He will be born around February 2014.

    At one time I would get graphic detail pictures of what would happen in the future where I was located. It was so bad, that I eventually asked the Heavenly Father to take this away because I did not think I could stand it. He did. Because of these past scenes, I had a very strong knowing that the future was not going to be too nice for a whole lot of people. At times now I do wish that I could still have these graphic details but they will not come back. They were totally taken away when I asked. Perhaps I should have held on to them. But at the time they were causing me some problems. I never considered these knowings a vision because everything would be shown me in an instant. Perhaps they were, but I did not consider them to be so.

    In January 2009 I did receive a vision about the USA being nuked on a specific date. That was July 8, 2013. Of course I believed it simply because I had seen the future so many times. And it was a future of much destruction. July 8, 2013 did not happen per what I saw in this vision. And of course I look so foolish because it did not happen. That is OK. I have yielded any reputation to the Lord Jesus anyway. This vision did allow me to live in peace for over 4 years. So overall it helped me. But it did leave me quite confused since it was so vivid and so real, yet did not happen. I am now asking the Heavenly Father what is going on so I can sort this out.

    Currently, I am semi-retired having been laid off almost 2 years ago. I am writing a book on Cancer called Understanding Cancer (Purpose, Cause, and Cure). I hope to have it finished by August 15th.


    Clint Young

  3. SCadmin Says:

    My thoughts sent to Clint via email August 2013


    I was of course watching closely on July 8th and as you saw nothing of any magnitude and would in the natural tend to be ‘relieved’. In my spirit, I did not think we would see the magnitude of your vision, but neither did I think we would see ‘nothing’. My concern believe it or not, was not for the USA, but for you and your family and your relationship with the Lord. I trust you and your confidence in what you saw and appreciate your dedication to the word and to study and to document and to share with those in a relationship with you and your family.

    I want you to know what I think I understand as I prayed and pondered the matter.

    As you may recall in Genesis, when the Lord told Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit of the one tree, his instruction was in Genesis 2:

    16 And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

    17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

    Now you will observe that visibly in the flesh, in the day that they ate of the fruit of the tree forbidden to them they did not appear to die and yet in reality they did! The question is do you believe what you see or what God said and what actually ultimately proved to be true on many levels.

    Now related to your dream. I do not know what exactly occurred in that day to cause the death of the USA, but I suspect it to be more of our own evil empire meddling world commercial system; it may be specifically related to Syria (not sure). You may have a better sense of that and this is not to justify the dream — it is simply what I sense in my spirit about the dream and the timing. We’ll let God confirm or deny with His word and over time. The key is for us all to remain focused and attentive to Him and seeking Him on a daily basis.

    We are entering an interesting time and I believe we will see some very powerful outflowing of the Holy Spirit as well as really difficult times ahead. I am sensing a need to pray in the Spirit more and trust more for all things. I hope I will be able to persevere and please our heavenly Father in all matters.

    You are a blessing. Be encouraged and stay watchful and attentive!

    Blessings to your whole sweet family too!

    In Him,

    PS Finding some interesting thing more about the Lunar Tetrads coming up — will share soon (Lord willing).

  4. SCrosnoe Says:

    Some follow-up thoughts from Clint via email (dated September 17, 2013):


    I have written several articles about timing of the end times. I do have quite a bit of interest in this subject now for over 30 years. During the last month I have prayed to know the timing of the end days. I really don’t think anyone understands this timing without some help from the Heavenly Father. So I pray and ask for wisdom about timing.

    About 2 weeks ago, I got a simple but rather significant breakthrough when Jerry Sodeman sent me his interpretation of Luke 13:32. Jerry interprets Luke 13:32 to mean that Jesus would do miracles for 2000 years and then be perfected for 1000 years. he counts that the days Jesus was referring to in Luke 13:32 were each 1000 years long. There is definite Biblical precedence for this interpretation. I find it quite exciting because it is so simple compared to other timing studies.

    If this interpretation is correct, then the question is when Jesus started his ministry here on earth. Jerry is pretty convinced that Jesus was born around 5 BC and that his ministry started around 25 AD at the age of 30. I pointed out to Jerry that when you go from BC to AD that you lose a year. So his correct date would be 26 AD based upon his assumptions. Add 2000 years to this and you have 2026 AD. I know this sounds too simple to be true. But I have prayed and considered this approach for several weeks now and see no error in Jerry’s interpretation of Luke 13:32 nor what it’s prophetic insight may be.

    When Jerry introduced his concept of adding 2000 years to 25 AD, this sparked my renewed interest in a book written by Robert Mawire called the Chronogram Code. I had read this book last year and had pretty much discarded it because I saw some error within the book. So I hastily discarded it. I am not saying I did the right thing. But error does turn me off and often when I see it I tend to throw the baby out with the dirty bath water.

    Robert Mawire is saying in his book that the 6000th year will end on October 2026. This was close to Jerry Sodeman’s 2025 date. At the time I did not realize that Jerry was 1 year off in his calculations because he did not recognize the loss of 1 year going form BC to AD. When Jerry presented me his 2025 date, I was did not immediately recognize that he was off 1 year.
    When corrected Jerry Sodeman’s date matched Robert Mawire’s date of 2026. This caused me to get a little more excited.

    Robert Mawire comes up with the 2026 date from verses in Daniel 9: 25-26. His interpretation of these verses is that one is to add 490 years to the date when a decree went forth to restore Jerusalem. Robert is saying this decree went out in 1536 by Suleiman The Magnificent. Adding 490 years to 1536 one arrives at 2026. Robert also arrives at 2026 from his interpretation of Daniel 12: 11-12. He is saying that one is to add 1335 years from the building of the Dome of the Rock in 691 AD. Robert is considering the Dome of the Rock to be the Abomination of Desolation. He calculated 2026 by adding 1335 to 691 to obtain 2026.

    By two different scriptures Robert comes up with 2026 AD as the end of the 6000th years. Then Jerry Sodeman presented his interpretation of yet another scripture ( Luke 13:32) to obtain 2025 which was corrected to 2026.

    Sandie, when 2 things come my way in a short time frame from independent sources, I must give it some relevance.

    2026 may not be the 6000th year. But when two different people not connected use 3 different scriptures to come up with the same date I do find this is significant.

    If 2026 is correct, then most likely the Jewish temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem will be built and dedicated toward the end of 2018 or early 2019. That is only 5 to 6 years away. 5 or 6 years is not a lot of time. It will be quite interesting to see what develops to bring about a Jewish temple that most of the world does not want to be rebuilt, and that includes the USA.



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