Signs of the Times Series: Timing 4 – 1260 Days

Timing 4 – 1260 Days

by Clint Young (reprinted with permission)

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The way the Middle East was up until 2011 did not bring about the building of the Jewish temple (“sanctuary”) on Mount Moriah.  During 2011 [editor’s note:  this series was written in 2011] tremendous changes have occurred and are underway in the Middle East.  Governments have fallen and new ones have taken their place.  Now the USA is on the verge of war with Syria and Iran after taking down Gadhafi.   Significant changes will continue to occur in the Middle East in the next few months and years.   In the midst of all this “change” the building of the temple (“sanctuary”) may seem obscure.  However, this event is most important in relationship to end time events.  The building of the temple (“sanctuary”) and the beginning of the daily sacrifice there will mark the beginning of a 2335 day countdown that will end with the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Scheifler says on his website that this image was adapted slightly from an image by Tom Dunbebin

Traveling Hebrew Sanctuary (image credits below)

In the previous 3 e-mails/[posts with links above] I pointed out 3 periods of days defined in the Book of Daniel.  This e-mail/post defines a 4th period of 1260 days defined in book of Revelations.  Below are listed the verses mentioning these 1260 days:

  • Revelation 11:3 “And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.”
  • Revelation 12:6 “And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.”

During these 1260 days the antichrist will rule most of the world.  The 10 ruling banking families of the world have been setting up a coming one world rule for decades.  They think they are going to set up a kingdom where they and their future families will rule absolutely forever with the antichrist.   They think they will succeed.  And perhaps they would if it were not for the divine intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Yes, Jesus will intervene for the elect’s sake and destroy the wicked rule of the antichrist and the wicked world system that is now quickly taking shape.  After decades and centuries of working the world into a frenzy to accept a one world government, this wicked rule will end after only 1260 days of world wide dominion.  This short rule but most destructive rule is known in the Bible as the “great tribulation.”

The beginning of this 1260 period of time is defined in Matthew 24: 15-21.  It begins when the antichrist sets up the abomination at the holy site.  Most likely the “holy site” is the place where the temple (known by Daniel as the “sanctuary”) on Mount Moriah is built in the city of Jerusalem.  The antichrist’s rule at Jerusalem ends when the holy site is cleansed of the abomination that is set up.  The antichrist troops will be hurrying to their destruction as they really think they can take down the true Christ.  Soon after 1260 days of wicked rule, the armies of the antichrist will be totally destroyed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

How do these 1260 days relate to the 2300, 1290, and 1335 days defined in the book Daniel?

After 1010 days of daily sacrifice, the antichrist armies will take over the “holy site” and will stop the sacrifice.  30 days later the antichrist will set up his abomination at the holy site of the sanctuary.  The following 1260 days is part of the 1290 days in which the “sanctuary” remains desecrated.   The 30 days and 1260 days combined add to 1290 days which is the total time the “sanctuary” will be trodden under foot by the antichrist. This is shown in the simple addition equation below:

30 days wait + 1260 days of great tribulation =  1290 total days the sanctuary is desecrated

At the end of the 1290 days of the sanctuary being desecrated,  the sanctuary will be cleansed.  This day also marks the end of the antichrist’s world rule.  45 days later, those who remain will be blessed.

Considering all 4 time periods: 2300 days, 1290 days, 1335 days, and 1260 days the below shows a daily countdown of what is coming:

End Time Daily Countdown

  • Day 1:  The daily sacrifice begins at the temple or “sanctuary” site.
  • Day 1 –  Day 1010:  The daily sacrifice is performed each day at the “sanctuary”
  • Day 1011:  The antichrist stops the daily sacrifice.
  • Day 1040:  The antichrist sets up his abomination at the site of the sanctuary.  This marks the beginning of the great tribulation.  The saints flee from Judea into the mountains.  The two prophets begin to prophesy.
  • Day  1040 –  Day 2300:  The antichrist rules most of the earth.  This time is known as the great tribulation.  It lasts for 1260 days.
  • Day 2301: The “sanctuary” is cleansed.
  • Day 2301 – Day 2345 the armies of the antichrist are destroyed.
  • Day 2345:  Those still alive are blessed.

In the writing of these 4 e-mails[posts] I have attempted to the best of my ability to be accurate in interpreting the Bible.  You will find their content to be helpful to know what is coming from the day the daily sacrifice begins.  That day may not be too far away.

Always go the Heavenly Father for guidance and clarification of anything you think you should or should not do regarding end time events.

[Editor’s note: This is the fourth of a series of 6 posts about biblical ‘end times’ prophecy given to me in email format October/November 2011 and is reprinted with permission.  Clint Young is a friend of mine and has been for many many years. I know him to be a man of integrity and a serious student of scripture. He has a very analytical mind and has spent a great deal of time studying scripture relative to prophetic events (past present and future). I will give you the series on timing first and then some practical advice and tips he has shared with me over the years. Please join with me and examine your heart and see if you are ready for whatever might lie ahead of us. Ask the Lord not only about the condition of your heart but the condition of the nation and if there is anything we can yet do as individuals and as bodies of believers to help one another to see the salvation of the Lord in our midst in ways that will bring as many to Him as possible.  It is important that we keep looking to Him for the answers and know the signs of the times!/sc]

Image Credit:

Traveling Hebrew Sanctuary Illustration – The graphics of the sanctuary are adapted, with very minor revision, from an illustration by Tom Dunbebin. Hebrew Sanctuary – The Illustrated Plan of Salvation  via Michael Scheifler’s Bible Light Website

Chart Notes for Reference: (9) 2nd Apartment The Holy of Holies (8) The Ark of the Testimony of God containing the 10 commandments (7) The Table of Showbread (6) The Golden Altar of Incense  (5) 1st Apartment The Holy place  (4) The Golden Candlestick  (3) The Laver  (2) The Brazen Altar of Burnt Offerings  (1) The Sacrifice of the Lamb

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