Vaughnshire Farm Homeschool Moment – Cereal Connection?

Homeschooling provides special moments I like to equate with the “perfect golf shot”.  It only takes one moment like this to make you come back for the next round.  During our dinner discussion tonight we were discussing the setup of our new solar powered device.  I was explaining to the family the difference between serial connections and parallel connections when connecting the solar panels and batteries together.  I asked if anyone knew what a serial connection was.

My favorite 3 year old spoke up and said, ”its when the milk is connected to the Cheerios, that is a cereal connection”….  After a hearty laugh, everyone agreed he deserved an “A” for the class tonight.  Personally I’m looking forward to my older boys teaching this young guy what they have learned in logic class soon.

I’ll spare you the square root discussion that followed.  But, with a few brownies and some milk, a good time was had by all.

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