Some States Planning to Opt out of Medicaid Program and More — Summary Report from Kaiser Health News

Opting out of Medicaid would cut the federal $$ and the federal strings opening the door to Obamacare. Win – Win for the states and for the people and YES shrinks federal government too!


Medicaid Expansion Draws Mixed Reaction From States

JUL 03, 2012

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling making the law’s Medicaid expansion optional, some state officials say they will opt out because they cannot afford even 10 percent of the program’s costs. Others, though, are moving forward.

Kaiser Health News: States Balk At Expanding Medicaid
Hours after the Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama’s health law on Thursday, but made its Medicaid expansion optional, senior White House officials were asked by a reporter how they would entice states to participate. They laughed. It seemed almost inconceivable to them that states would opt out (Galewitz, 7/2).

The Wall Street Journal: Some States Balk At Medicaid Expansion
Opposition to expanding Medicaid under the health-care overhaul is hardening in some Republican-led states, as Gov. Rick Scott of Florida said over the weekend that he will opt out. His decision puts…

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