A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed — Special Thanks to Donna Gustafson

Over the years, I have pondered the little saying:

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

I have come to understand that some ‘friends’ disappear in the crisis. That may be because they were truly unaware, but it may mean that the real friends  both know and respond when called for sure, but often even before the call goes out.

Donna Gustafson is the best friend anyone could ever have.  We met in the Houston area years ago and became family friends through the years.  We have celebrated family blessings and losses from birthdays to special holidays to ministry opportunities.  She is gifted in so many ways and blesses so many people that it is a joy and a delight to watch and be a part of and now report to the world here on my little blog. But than many of you know this as well as I do and from your perspective. You know that she loves her family above all and serves them daily and sacrificially too.  She is always there for friends and family and ‘critters’ of same! She is always juggling more things for more people than most are aware of.  I am blessed to call Donna friend and so are my ‘kids’!

In our Bartlesville Community, Donna is involved with the SPCA.  She rescues animals herself and has helped guide our Bartlesville SPCA to it’s role model status.  If you want to help with the SPCA let her know and I’ll bet she can plug you into efforts ongoing. Ask Donna how you can help our furry friends today!

Washington County SPCA (Oklahoma)

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