A Virtual Bouquet and a Toast from afar — Happy Birthday Paula!

In a world where cats rule, floral arrangements are a hazard all their own, because some are fun to eat and not good for kitty cats and some are just fun to play with and then of course some simply require investigation and ‘tumping’ over in the process.  So I decided to create a special virtual birthday bouquet for the best sister in the whole world, mine!

First a little trip down memory lane, she was Paula Bear to our Dad who had little names for each of us.  Special names, sweet and unique and always said with love and warmth and a little bit of a twinkle in the voice.  She was always miss fashion plate and sometimes changed clothes three times in the morning before school.  She was always perfectly put together from head to toe and that includes makeup and jewelry too!  She is smart and organized and very creative.  She is a speed reader extra-ordinaire.  She reads so fast that people think she isn’t really reading just turning the pages (pre Kindle days) but when you quizzed her on content — no problemo.  Now the thing that most people won’t know is that she has been known to read while standing on her head.  I don’t remember now exactly how she pulled that off but it probably required some creative way to prop the book up while doing so.  Growing up we both had Barbie Dolls and clothes, some specially made by Mom from material left over from clothes she made for us, but Paula had the Barbie Doll house and all the accessories too.

She went to Texas Tech, majored in Marketing and worked for IBM for many years.  Along the way she met a dashing young military man named Timothy Caswell who became the love of her life and she his.  They have one son, Byron and you can read a little more about him here.  Paula has a gift of hospitality and can make you feel at home and special whenever you are with her. I will never forget arriving in England  (while she and Tim were stationed there years ago) from an overnight flight and being completely exhausted.  She drew mw a warm bath and brought me a glass of wine and put me to bed.  Just what I needed turning a difficult pass into a memorable moment!   She is a gifted event organizer/presenter and a bit of a gourmet cook (all heathy of course).  Oh yes and a dancer too — ballet, tap, and toe — and of course ballroom and whatever is the dance of the day.

I cannot mention her birthday this year without remembering her special birthday gift to me earlier this year.  She took me and our good friend Donna to Las Vegas for a weekend at the Bellagio Hotel with the dancing fountains, and Cirque du Soliell shows, Mystere’ and Viva Elvis, plus a helicopter ride over the city and spectacular dining at the Jasmine Restaurant and more.  A whirl wind trip of a lifetime for sure!  We all had a blast.

You can see the photos from the trip Bellagio — Birthday Bash 2011 via Picaboo.

So while I cannot match that trip, I can share the love and the memories and let others know of the delight she brings to every event she touches, trip she makes, and life that she touches.  Here is a virtual bouquet and a toast from afar…

Happy Birthday to the best sister in the entire world — 

This birthday card was custom made from pictures online here – special thanks for the great photos of chrysanthemums.

Wikipedia says:  Chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China as a flowering herb as far back as the 15th century BC.[2] The plant is renowned as one of the Four Gentlemen in Chinese and East Asian art. The plant is particularly significant during the Double Ninth Festival. It is believed that the flower may have been brought to Japan in the 8th century CE, and the Emperor adopted the flower as his official seal. There is a “Festival of Happiness” in Japan that celebrates the flower.


Hope you have a wonderful day.

Praying for the Lord’s special blessings on you and all that you set your hands to accomplish.

May you see His smile as you walk in His path and bless many in the process.


NOTE: Chrysanthemum is the flower of the month for November.

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for Finding Gems & Sharing Them


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