Bartlesville Friends: Simplify your Holiday — Let Liz do some Baking for you!

Thanksgiving Menu 2011

Holiday Baking By Liz



Think quiche without a crust.  Will serve 6-8.   This is the Italian version of the French Quiche. This dish is eggy, cheesy, and great for the morning.      $10 each

Tomato Basil            Ham and Cheese    Spinach and Mushroom


One size fits all. (If you are into 9” pies!)   All pies are filled with handmade fillings on a buttery, flakey crust.   $15 each

Maple Bourbon Pecan            Secret Recipe Pumpkin           Country Apple


All soups are available by the half-gallon (2 quarts) or gallon.  These are oven roasted to magnify flavours.  Makes a great lunch or buffet item.

Curry Pumpkin (not hot)                                    Tomato Basil

                          ½ Gal.  $15            Gal:  $25

Cranberry Sauce

Whole fresh cranberries with cooked orange juice, orange zest and the right amount of sweet.  Ahhhh. . . . perfection for turkey!

  One size fits all:  $10

Please place all orders by Monday November 21st.  Delivery and/or pick up date:  Wednesday November 23rd.

Heart set upon something not on the menu??  Let Liz know and she may be able to accommodate.


Phone:  (918) 337-8020

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

If you would like a flyer to share with friends in the area please download this file: First Ever Thanksgiving Menu

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