Iowa: Ron Paul Meets Local Supporter He Delivered 39 Years Ago

Reintroduced at Last Saturday’s Straw Poll in Des Moines

Kelly Watson didn’t need to venture far from home to vote for Ron Paul at The National Federation of Republican Assemblies Straw Poll last weekend. The Ankeny resident made the short trip to Des Moines’ Polk County Convention Complex in plenty of time to meet the man who delivered him into this world: Dr. Ron Paul, himself.

Besides his obvious link to the candidate, Watson says he has supported Dr. Paul all his life, but “especially this election cycle feels different, because of what’s at stake.” As a medical device salesman, Kelly is most concerned with the devastation to come from Obamacare. He believes the health reforms will destroy the country. This is one of many reasons he will cast his vote for Ron Paul at the caucus on January 3rd.  


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4 Responses to “Iowa: Ron Paul Meets Local Supporter He Delivered 39 Years Ago”

  1. Jim McClarin Says:

    Ron Paul delivers the votes 🙂

  2. Ron Paul to Congress: If Debt Is the Problem, Why Do You Want More of It? | how to get out of debt Says:

    […] Blackout, Moneybomb, Income Tax, Libya & Perry13 THINGS TO DO BEFORE IM 30 by Ron Paul GirlIowa: Ron Paul Meets Local Supporter He Delivered 39 Years Ago Subscribe to RSS […]

  3. Geddy Friedman Says:

    WHOA!!! This is pretty cool! Imagine being delivered by Dr. Ron Paul and then meeting him on his race for the presidency almost 40 years later.

  4. Jeffrey ten G. (@El__Jefe) Says:

    Now that makes it tough not to vote for him. “These other candidates have this and that, but Ron Paul delivered me…”

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