A Pumpkin, a Speech and a Song — Carve a Message and Convey a Story

Current Conditions or Just a Bad Dream?

Could it all be a bad dream or a nightmare?
Is it my imagination or have we lost our minds?
It is surreal.
It is just not believable.
A grand absurdity.
A great deception.
A delusion of momentous proportions.
Based on preposterous notions and on ideas whose time should never have come.
Simplicity grossly distorted and complicated.
Insanity passed off as logic.
Grandiose schemes built on falsehoods with the morality of ponzi and madoff.
Evil described as virtue.
Ignorance pawned off as wisdom.
Destruction and impoverishment in the name of humanitarianism.
Violence the tools of change.
Preventive wars used as a road to peace.
Tolerance delivered by government guns.
Reactionary views in the guise of progress.
An empire replacing a republic.
Slavery sold as liberty.
Excellence and virtue…

Uploaded by malmohuset on Oct 30, 2011
4648 views at time of posting
video is 2:50 mins

It is good to have an assistant

The pumpkin interpretation is all mine (malmohuset's)

The song is by Golden State and is called Bombs (End This War/ The Ron Paul Song)

Band: http://facebook.com/GOLDENSTATEBAND

A special order by Ron Paul (Republican Congressman from Texas)


H/T to malmohuset for a work of art and inspiration! 

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for Finding Gems & Sharing Them

Cross Posted OKGrassroots


I discovered the video and pumpkin he did in 2010 — clearly he didn’t just escape from the pumpkin patch…

Template created if anyone would like to make their own here >>> http://yfrog.com/mjdrpaultemplatej


One Response to “A Pumpkin, a Speech and a Song — Carve a Message and Convey a Story”

  1. Stubborn_Facts Says:

    Wow! Amazing, impressive.

    Now that’s a jack-o-lantern!

    And what a well put together video – time lapse, music, perfect. 5 stars!

    That’s a very talented guy – and what a tribute.

    Thanks so much for sharing such a gem, Sandie!

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