Timing is Everything by Devvy on Rense

[This one article sums up my thoughts as I watched events unfold last night. Noone can say it like Devvy! Follow the links and ponder what you are watching the media tell you vs what you have heard before vs what you know from experience because you saw it with your own eyes. I never read a news report of an event I attended that I thought reported on the event I attended. Spin doctors are always at work. And of course the elephant really does look different from different angles. Limiting government power will help us to restore the republic if that is yet possible?! Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans thanks Devvy for her reports on events as they unfold.]

Like perhaps a few million others, last night at 9:00 pm CST, Jerry Rivers aka Geraldo Rivera, on FAUX News Network announced the putative president would speak at 10:30 pm EST on a Sunday night. Immediately networks went on “high alert” because no one could remember a president calling a 15-minute press conference on a Sunday night, so it must be important. Speculation swirled about that it had to do with the US killing Mummar Gaddafi’s son and three of his grand children. Aren’t we a great super power?

But, by 11:00 pm EST, it turned to Osama Bin Laden. He’s dead! But, still no Barry Soetoro at the mike. I finally went to bed 30 minutes later. According to news reports, the usurper took to the mic just before midnight EST. How come there was a delay of almost an hour and a half? The press conference is called for 10:30 pm EST. One would think Barry would have had his notes together and ready to go for such a historic statement to the American people. I wonder what last minute details were being finessed?

And, why so late on a Sunday night. Why not this morning? I think it’s safe to say that a whole lot of people go to bed earlier on a Sunday night for work the next morning. Perhaps the late night show was so Americans who missed it the night before would get full saturation this morning before they went to work. You know, hip, hip, hurray!

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PS  Bring the boys and girls home from Afghanistan now pleaase!

Tweeters please tweet (adapted from Michael Maresco): 

OSAMA KILLED BY SMALL TEAM, kinda like #RonPaul suggested years ago http://bit.ly/mywdde, saving us blood and treasure #gop #r3s #teaparty


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