David Hitt on A Time to Lose Faith at the Mid-America Prophecy Conference in Tulsa

David Hitt (chairman of the board for Zola Levitt ministries) talks about events in our times and loss of constitutional rights.  He scans news reports and summarizes some key developing thoughts.  His complete remarks are available on DVD if you want more details.  Here are some tidbits from the presentation:

ACLU Michigan cops stealing drivers’ phone data

Redditor Finds FBI Tracking Device in Friend’s car

Right wing extremism documented — like stockpiling food and believing in end times prophecy

Constitutional rights being lost as courts fail to stand up for them

Your political party or movement — should keep its promises

Liberty University says campus Democratic Club unChristian

God’s Other Party from the American Spectator

Teaparty broken promises documented — this movement is fiscal in nature and avoids moral issues.

A look at politicians’ sex scandals


Deadly Antibiotic – Resistant Superbug Spreads in Southern California

Homeland Security warning issued on Pandemics (flawed result of vaccination policies)


Financial Statement Fraud and insider trading ongoing

Churning of accounts

High Frequency Trading – sees your trade coming in and buys what you want and makes a profit on your trade / happens in milliseconds and you never know about it!

Counterparty Risk should always be evaluated when contemplating whether to enter into a contract or make an investment — exists everywhere!

Plunge Protection Team – market unstable they manipulate the market to make it appear more stable than it is (article from 1997 but practice ongoing)

Markets are highly manipulated and beset with fraud

Retirement accounts are subject to counterparty risk and inflation

Retirement accounts are also subject to risk and manipulation


Missing Insured and the Life Insurance Death Claim


The Demise of the Dollar

Printing money explosion (hockey stick chart)

Global Plan for global currency (debt monetized)

Precious Metals

No counterparty risk if you are holding the metal but it can be stolen or siezed

Your Utilities and Infrastructure – are crumbling (dams, highways, utilities, etc)

Cops do not have a duty to protect individuals (protect society as a whole)

Ambulance rides costly

Police look more military

Your Education and Your Job

Is it worth it to go to college

Teenage Jobless rates — the declining value of your college degree

Net worth declining (money buys less and less)

People are graduating college with lots of debt and no job

Your food and water

Emergency: Pathogens showing up in genetically modified food

Commodities prices rising

Water shortages

Drug Resistant Salmonella

Your House

WiFi Spying

Warrantless Household Searches

Eminent Domain; Being Abused?

Banks forging documents to foreclose on your house through cloudy title

Mandatory Spending to Exceed all Federal Spending

IMF Bombshell: Age of America is at an End


For more information on conference schedule see earlier post here: Mid-America Prophecy Conference via FGST


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