Cat and Mouse Entertainment and More

Recently, I had a lovely dinner with my neighbors.  After dinner, Shawn and Joanna shared about some tiny little mice that he had made by hand.  It turns out these little mice will be gifts of encouragement for a fundraiser for breast cancer survivors.  They were all done in shades of pink.  Every one was individual and very cute.  What you wouldn’t know is the amount of time it takes to make each one.  So then they showed me a little about the process and how each one is made a bit like you would make a fishing lure and yes he has some expertise in that area.  You know the gift of our time with and for each other is a treasure that just keeps on giving.

Give your time wisely because Your Time is A Real Treasure (recent post here)!

They let me bring home one of the little mice and you can see that it clearly became entertainment for one of my cats.  I didn’t let her hurt it though because it  was made with love by friends who are both neighbors and a blessing to others every chance they get.  It is a little treasure.

I am blessed  just to know them and share special times with them and their delightful boys!

Thanks for a lovely evening~


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