Got a Leader for You!

[Special thanks to my friends at GOA for posting this amazing and timely piece.  My how we need leadership and the right kind.  I find that our military men if not our government leaders ‘get’ this message, please pray with me that the nation will once again recognize real leadership and humble ourselves and pray and seek Him first above all else!/sc]

Got A Leader For You

— by Sen. H.L. Richardson

Seems as if Americans today are constantly complaining about the lack of leadership — someone to lead us out of the political and moral mess in which we now find ourselves. No doubt about it, there’s a batch of political figures clamoring and posturing for the job, but as yet — no one stands out above the rest.

May I make a suggestion? Why not use the criteria our forefathers used to pick their top leader. In fact, one like that may still be available.

Well now you ask — who might that be?

Let’s start by asking our American founders who did they pick — and pick they did! Let’s start by asking John Jay, George Washington, Sam and John Adams, James Madison and Patrick Henry. Who led them in thought and action?

John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court wrote “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers. Our laws and our institutions must necessarily be based on and embody the Redeemer of Mankind…it is impossible that it should be otherwise and in this sense and to this extent our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian.”

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8 Responses to “Got a Leader for You!”

  1. Ben Hoffman Says:

    That was before Darwin and many advances that showed the Bible is just a group of writings, used by the Romans for political purposes. There is no truth to the fables and superstitions, other than metaphoric. We’re living in the 21st century — not the 18th.

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  3. Sandra Crosnoe Says:


    Darwin’s theory of evolution holds little weight in scientific or theological circles. On the scientific side we could examine in depth thermodynamics (the natural tendency to disorder without energy being input to the process) or genetics (the natural order of species) or archaeology/paleontology.

    Creationism while unable to be ‘verified’ is certainly credible with all the different disciplines — and of course to believers makes perfect sense. I believe even you have an innate sense of your Creator. I hope you will listen to that still small voice and acknowledge Him while you yet may do so.

    Blessings to you in any regard,

    • Ben Hoffman Says:

      You don’t know anything about thermodynamics, other than maybe a few concepts you learned to help promote your lies. Darwin’s theory of evolution is widely accepted as fact and has been proven by observation, experiments, fossils, and many other means.

      If you have to lie to make your argument, you have no argument.

  4. Sandra Crosnoe Says:


    Thanks for letting me know that my undergraduate degree in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry is worthless. I do my best to tell the truth always just for the record. I am glad however that you replied again so that I could explain a little more.

    It is my belief that Creationism is much more credible and even provable than the theory of evolution. Science and nature scream Supreme Being Creator God. Genetics and the lack of mutation across species alone makes it impossible to believe even to the point of being ridiculous to give any credibility to the theory of evolution. Thermodynamic laws prove that energy is required to bring order to the system; the natural tendency is to disorder without energy input. Fossils add to the creationist argument even more and you should know that.

    I would recommend a healthy dose of common sense be applied to your observations, but I also know that if you are blind you cannot see. It doesn’t take a genius to observe nature and see the hand of God in a snowflake or a kitten or a baby! I will pray that you meet Him during your stay on this planet because I can assure you that He loves you very much.


    • Ben Hoffman Says:

      If God is responsible for all beings, he must be a real jokester! Take a look at how rabbits digest their food and tell me that was the work of some supreme being. 🙂

      • Sandra Crosnoe Says:

        Funny thing about personal responsibility. God made heaven and earth and it was good; God gave man responsibility and dominion; Man & Woman mess up big time; God sends son Jesus to fix problem because He loves His creation. The choice is yours Ben. It is your option and your eternity. Choose wisely. I recommend repentance and redemption and a relationship with the one who made you and gave Himself for you!


      • Ben Hoffman Says:

        If God wanted me to believe in the supernatural, he shouldn’t have given me the ability or the tendency to think critically.

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