Sample Ballot for Washington County and My Personal Picks for GOP Primary 2010

My biases are Christian, Constitutional, R3publican (that would be a Republican Restoring the Republic), limited government, less government, less spending, grassroots oriented.  If you like big government and keeping the status quo read no further.  If you want accountable limited constitutional government then read on and share as you will.  Above all else needed this cycle is prayer for our country, our government, our people and our churches.  We need to wake up and remove the log from our own eye, we need to hold our leaders accountable, and we need to ask for the Lord’s mercy where we have ignored his commandments in our own lives as well as the public square.

Sample ballot in Washington County follows:


Reprinted from a friend’s correspondence (thanks Amanda!)

  • Don’t assume that your family members, close contacts and circle of friends will remember to vote on Tuesday, 7/27/10.  CALL THEM. The elections may be on the forefront of our minds, but not everyone is an activist and even people who may intend to vote may forget.
  • Ask them to call you after they vote and tell you what number they were on the voting machine.
  • If someone needs a ride to the polling place offer it or get them a ride.
  • Help get signs out for your candidate early in the a.m. (It is bad form to touch other candidates signs – don’t do it, even if you suspect others of doing just that.)
  • As most of you know who read here, I am active with R3publicans and was an original founding member and serve on the policy board as such.  The policy on our released endorsements is that if we do not have consensus, we do not endorse in a race, so the list is rather short  and here is the link for Oklahoma R3publicans Endorsements for 2010 which went out this weekend.  My personal picks and thinking are below with links to their sites (the ones I know) for more information as desired:

    People for whom I have been actively campaigning

    Crystal clear on Randy Brogdon for governor

    Crystal clear on Nathan Dahm for congress district 1

    Crystal clear on Mark Costello for labor commissioner

    Crystal clear on Owen Laughlin for state treasurer – this could be the most critical race on the ballot and his opponents ads and representations are blatantly false and misleading.  Danger warning heads up on this one.

    Now in order down ballot left side and then right side

    Governor: I am crystal clear on Randy Brogdon and you should be too!

    Lieutenant Governor, I much prefer John A. Wright.  I have some differences with him on key issues and will discuss those with him as time permits in the future.

    State Auditor and Inspector:  I will be voting for David Hanigar but do not know much about him.  I do know a lot about Gary Jones.

    Attorney General: I lean to Ryan Leonard, but have been impressed with Scott Pruitt in the past.

    State Treasurer:  I am crystal clear on Owen Laughlin.  This could be the most critical race on the ballot and his opponents ads and representations are blatantly false and misleading.  Danger warning heads up on this one!

    Superintendent of Public Instruction: I will vote for Janet Barresi.  I am hearing rave reviews from friends but I have not met her or seen much information on her.

    Labor Commisioner:  I am crystal clear on Mark Costello for labor commissioner.

    Insurance Commissioner:  I am planning to vote for Mark Croucher, but I have friends supporting all three and do not know any of them well.

    Corporation Commissioner: I will vote for Dana Murphy.  I have supported her in the past as well.

    US Senate:  I plan to skip this race and abstain because I told Tom Coburn that if he voted for the bailout (first one called TARP) that I would not vote for him again.  I intend to keep my word.  Just for the record that applies to all bailout voters and has not been selectively applied here and it will continue for me as a matter of principle.  You must earn my vote.  It is not free.  It requires attention to the constitution on the big votes and the little ones.

    US Representative in District No. 1:  I am crystal clear on Nathan Dahm and have been actively working with him during his campaign for the seat.  He is working to replace a TARP ‘bailout’ voting incumbent.

    District Attorney in District No. 11:  I am a solid supporter of Kevin Buchanan.  I have helped him in the past and believe he is much needed in this slot.

    County Clerk:  I will vote for James Weaver, but do not know him or his opponent well.

    Submitted for your prayerful consideration.

    For Life and Liberty,

    Sandra Crosnoe

    Republican Precinct Chair #28 in Washington County

    R3publicans (founding member/policy board)

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