Courtney is in a Contest!

Today I got an email from Karen who is Courtney’s mom and she let me know about a way to help Courtney in an art contest.  You can help too and the neat thing is that you will get to see some of her art as well!  I logged in and registered and it only took a few minutes.  Karen’s letter with detail instructions is below.  So if you have a few minutes login and vote for Courtney and help her win this scholarship!

My favorite one of her art pieces was Paisley – which one is yours?


OK, friends, family and fans of Courtney Salge – This is a plea (from the mom) for a few minutes of your time to cast a vote for Courtney Salge at

Courtney is in the state semifinals in a contest called March Madnezz – the award is a $20K scholarship to the college of her choice.  She has gotten this far in the contest by writing an essay and posting her art talent with her profile in the contest.  She has a pretty cool portfolio of art posted that I didn’t even know existed until I went in and looked at her talent postings.  This has been a very independent endeavor on her part to this point, but now she needs your help…

If you are willing to log onto, then register yourself with a user name and password, you can go to the March Madnezz at Zinch link where it says “Vote Here” (click on it; then click on Oklahoma to see the Oklahoma semifinalists – there are 25 of them, Courtney is about 10th in the listing – you’ll see a picture of her with a polar bear towel on her head!) and cast up to 3 votes for Courtney (if you find her talent deserving) between now and March 10.  I just went in and voted for the first time myself; it took about 5 minutes to set up my user name and password and then look at her profile before voting.  I could only vote one time today, so I guess one vote a day is all a user can cast.

If you care to do this, thank you for your time and your vote of confidence in Courtney!!  If you want to encourage other connections you have who might also know Courtney and want to vote for her, please feel free to share this e-mail as a forward to them.  I noticed that the girl listed next to Courtney already has more than 200 votes since voting opened 4 days ago, so we’ve got some ground to make up!

Thanks again – Karen Salge


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  2. samke23 Says:

    For the 2nd year in a row, I am competing as well.

    As far as community improvement goes, when I looked at my school’s scholarship page, I found it serious lacking, a counselor encouraged me to be the scholarship coordinator. I coordinate a list of scholarship opportunities for students. To do so, I spend many hours researching scholarships. I am currently organizing a walk-a-thon through Kids Who Care Foundation, along with conducting a fundraiser for Accelerated Cure for multiple sclerosis. In addition, I am a National Wildlife Foundation Ambassador, an Environmental Director, and a volunteer at Nature Abounds.

    I am a part of the Community Service Club and Invisible Children Committee at school, and have been an Early Literacy Volunteer. I am also in the Students Environmentally Active club. Every week SEA empties the paper recycling bins from all the classrooms. After my meetings, I collect recyclables on school grounds.

    To help with the environment while I am in this contest, I will recycle 1 bottle for every vote I receive. At first, this may not seem like that much. It takes thousands of votes to win this competition.

    I can make it into the top 64 simply by having the largest Facebook group. Please join and invite all of your friends!

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