Mel Tari: Revival and Miracles in Indonesia

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Mel Tari has lived his entire life on the remote island of Timor in Indonesia. Because of his natural brilliance he was given a scholarship to study in Russia, which he refused.
Mel has now traveled around the world telling the wonders of Christ and the simplicity of the Word.

From the book “Like a Mighty Wind” (by Mel Tari and Cliff Dudley.)

[Editor’s note:  I read Mel Tari’s book many years ago and it was an amazing account of the revival in Indonesia.  It is wonderful to hear this account and know He is still faithfully serving the Lord.  My small group is studying Acts currently and it is interesting to note that Mel also found that the gifts operate ‘naturally’ as we move in ministry to accomplish His call of reaching a lost world.  Blessings Mel and enjoy the video all!  May you walk in His call and see His Hand moving in your behalf to set the captives free indeed!/sc]


8 Responses to “Mel Tari: Revival and Miracles in Indonesia”

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  3. Nick Says:

    Are you aware that Mel Tari was found to have conned a woman out of her inheritance in 1994.

    Mel Tari makes his living by telling lies to the most uncultured and credulous people he can find. Men of this type, if they cannot persuade enough foolish people to part with their savings, usually end up raving on the street and waving placards about the coming day of judgment. This man is a Chaucerian fraud and should be the subject of disdain, mockery and ridicule.

    • Sandra Crosnoe Says:

      This is the first I had heard of the incident and I am most sorry to hear and relay to my friends here.

      Having said that think always wise to vet sources on information and must advise that I do not know you personally or trust LA Times implicitly. So posting your information and hoping others will comment as well for clarification as appropriate./sc

  4. sa Says:

    This is a lie and not how this story went down at all. I have seen him personally and he tells the truth. If he was a liar i would say so, as i hate con men and have been had before…

  5. Jack Says:

    Nick is correct. Not only did the court rule Tari conned the woman, his actions were so egregious it awarded $250,000 in punitive damages. Facts and evidence don’t lie.

  6. cesar medrano Says:

    I need the phone# Mel Tari we need contact him, please or his E-mail. Thank you. God Bless you

  7. Gerrie Says:

    Greetings in the lovely Name of Jesus Christ our Lord

    The last I’ve read about the Indonesian revival was
    “Like a Mighty wind” what a blessing it were. I’d like to know about the revivcal in this day, this time we living in, in Indonisia.
    Please pray for us here in Kriel, South Africa, Our church
    “En – Hakkore” Spring of the Caller. for a revival, to the glory of the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



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