Globalist Prayer

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Heavenly Father,

Divide their tongues that they are no longer able to stand.

Seeing that the Lord did not build these ‘houses’ they have labored in vain: now ruin them.  Cast away their substance.  Let all their expectations perish.

Abase these who are ‘wise’ in their own conceits.  Take honor from them, power, influence, wealth, good success, riches, nor let them find it.  Take the wealth of the wicked and give it to the just.

Turn their wisdom into foolishness.  Take these ‘wise’ in their own craftiness so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise (bring all their wicked plans and devices to naught and requite their mischiefs with Your hand.).

Manifest this darkness to the congregations of the peoples (even their secret counsels and plans).  For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid that shall not be made known and come abroad.

Whatsoever wicked counsels therefore that they have purposed against each nation, let it be known and come abroad to the nations.  Also, with regards to all governments, organizations or groups that seek to impose their own agendas of darkness on a nation, state, city or town: every counsel or device of darkness now reveal.  Every counsel or plan that they have hidden from the light, now make them manifest (for they are works of darkness).

For that which is in righteousness is brought to the light that it be seen that it is of the light;  but the darkness cometh not to the light, for fear that their works shall be exposed.  Therefore expose them, every work of darkness.

Bring their fears upon them. Torment their minds with the flames of hell. Give them dreams/nightmares of skeletons and desolation, vultures and wild beasts filling the lands – the results of their evil schemes.  Afflict with paranoia – distrusting all. Disturb them with rumors.  Cause miscommunications, misunderstandings, wrong interpretations, confusions, delays, clerical errors, destructions of communiqués, disruptions and corruptions in the computers in all of their offices.

Mingle perverse spirits in their midst that they bite and devour one another.  Cover and fill them with shame and reproach (for sin is a reproach to any people and shame is the promotion of fools).  Reward these transgressors according to their ways; now let them eat the fruit of it and be filled with their own devices.

Make their heaven above brass and their earth iron; let all their strength be spent in vain.  Neither let there be sowers of these seeds again forever (nor any other like unto them.)

In Jesus name and under His authority we pray; to Him be all the glory,


[Editor’s note: Please join me in praying this outloud as often as possible and in unison with other believers when possible if you agree!/sc]

first published July 19, 2009


2 Responses to “Globalist Prayer”

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  2. reland1 Says:

    Great prayer! I’m with you, Sandie! Will stand in agreement and pray. Amen.

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