Moments when your spirit soars and your feet dance (10th Amendment Resolution HJR 1003 passes house)

Sandra Crosnoe - Finding Gems & Sharing Them

These moments are priceless! Thanks to all freedom lovers in Oklahoma and especially State Representative Charles Key and my best friends all over the state for providing me one of those moments today. A vote of 83 to 13 in the house on HJR 1003. It gives one hope for the nation!

from R3publicans:
Oklahoma Sovereignty 10th Amendment Resolution HJR 1003 passes in house today!

OK is setting a trend for the nation!

Vote 83Y 13N

Way to go team! Thanks for being there in person today and in spirit as well. It was a great encouragement to all!  A real bipartisan effort for the people of Oklahoma.

Please follow our Champion of the Constitution State Representative Charles Key on twitter @ckey ; he follows back most followers promptly. He is a true servant leader with a heart for the people and what is right. He also has a facebook page where you can be a fan and get updates there.


4 Responses to “Moments when your spirit soars and your feet dance (10th Amendment Resolution HJR 1003 passes house)”

  1. ThoughtsofTHATmom Says:

    YAY! I’m so happy to hear this. We’re working on full passage here in MI. We keep tabs on OK, though, because it’s our home & we’ll be back there again some day.

  2. Sandra Crosnoe Says:

    We’ll be glad to have you back. Meanwhile link up with our friends in Michigan is a relatively new group and we’d welcome your help getting it going!


  3. Debbie Saunders Says:

    OH MY GOD! I am praying for you…on my knees praying for you.

    How can you NOT take responsibility for the disaster we are trying to dig out of. Your votes of deregulation and for the most criminal administration ever to “lead” this country have destroyed it. The results reflect what people like you (of low intellect) have done to destroy us.

    The end of my mother’s life has been mutilated by you. May the hellfires lap at you for eternity for what your kind has done and continues to do, to our country. Greedy is what you are. You are destroyers, not creator. May God forgive you for your bigotry, selfishness and shameless bible-thumping in the name of GOOD. Jesus is nothing like you. He is loving, non-judgmental and all-knowing.

    You make me sick. And afraid. I ask Jesus to guide you from your evil ways.

    • Sandra Crosnoe Says:

      Don’t know that I have ever met Debbie or her mother, but I do believe in free speech so here is a view from the other side. And yes I will pray for her as well!

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