Time for a Tea Party — $78 Billion missing????

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Fleeced to the tune of 78 Billion dollars???
by Greta Van Susteren

I just spoke to Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren, Chairman of the TARP Oversight Panel.

….she and her committee discovered that we paid 78 billion MORE for the assets in the first round of TARP payout than the value of the assets…yes, overpaid by 78 BILLION!

Is there ANY excuse? any possible reason why this happened other than that all of us got fleeced to the tune of 78 Billion (not million) by our government?



4 Responses to “Time for a Tea Party — $78 Billion missing????”

  1. Bob D. Caterino Says:

    Sandra, I don’t know about you, but it seems as if Obama has been in office for a term and it has only been fifteen days. Spending is not the answer and Bush should have never have fallen into that trap. Now Obama wants it to be biparasan and is refusing to see that it was. The democrats and the republicans voted against the bill. I have seen a lot of presidents come and go. Some were firm, some were fair, but never have I seen a spoiled brat in the White House. “It’s my way or the highway.” If you think misplacing a few billion is anything new, it isn’t. When this present bill is finished I am sure a few billion will be pocketed as well. The Tea Party is a grand idea, only we should all use our tax forms and no one should file. Hey, just following our great leaders lead.

  2. Sandra Crosnoe Says:


    thanks for your comments!

    we have an action project on http://tcotprojects.ning.com about the tea party
    please come join the effort!

    the graphics here are worth the trip:


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