Twitter Training on Bytestyle with Shelly Roche – Too Fun!

Sandra Crosnoe - Finding Gems & Sharing Them

Around the New Year,  I invited all my friends to Come Fly with Me on Twitter and yes it was a pretty good little piece on the topic.  But really folks, you just gotta watch Shelly Roche on Bytestyle.  It is a short and power packed little video and more fun than you can imagine.  I adore the opening pixar like character and the little sound it makes.  Hey, but the content is all there too.  And her notes are on the page with tips and tools there also.

I really need all my friends on Twitter and TCOT too.  If you join twitter and follow me @scrosnoe and shelly @shellyroche we’ll get you going!

I promise!  Watch this and enjoy and take off on the airwaves today . . .

. . . ain’t she great!

I can’t wait for the next episode!   Sign up on BreakTheMatrix now to stay in touch and come fly with us on twitter too . . .


One Response to “Twitter Training on Bytestyle with Shelly Roche – Too Fun!”

  1. Arnold75 Says:

    And of course they likewise are in denial that men landed on the moon. ,

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