RNC Chair Race Heats Up; Still looking for a real champion . . . from Freeople.com

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There are two posts that I would like to call your attention to and I want to make sure you are on Twitter too. Please join Twitter today.

Once you are there if you want to see something on this matter do a search on #RNCChair and you will see the conversations hitting the airwaves today on the topic. There are groups there for #RonPaul, #R3S (R3publicans), #ENDtheFED, #OFTB (Operation Fight the Bailout) just to name a few. Link up with me (@scrosnoe) and we’ll have some fun!

Now on the matter of the RNC Chair race, one of my twitter buddies sent me this blog calling for Mike Duncan, the current RNC chair, to do the honorable thing and step aside. That blog referenced on an article written by Michael P Leahy, who is one of the leaders of Top Conservatives on Twitter.

Here is an excert, but I encourage you to read the whole thing:

“There are a few who defend Duncan’s leadership. They claim he is a good manager of resources. This argument sounds to me like recommending the captain of the Titanic, had he survived the tragedy, to captain the very next transatlantic passenger ship voyage on the grounds that the kitchen of the Titanic did not once run out of rolls during the entire voyage… at least, until the ship sank in the icy waters of the North Atlantic.”

This race will set the tone for all future elections in the GOP. It will decide in part whether we will be able to rebuild the party based on top down or bottom up (grassroots) politics. It will decide whether we operate fairly and by the rules or make the rules say whatever suits our/their current purpose. It is important that it not be someone like Ken Blackwell (Ohio) and Tina Benkiser (Texas) who both have a history of breaking the rules in their own states over and over and over again to retain power. It appears that they are teaming up to run as ‘co chairs’ whatever that means!

The only people that can vote on this matter of RNC Chair are your State Committee Man and Woman and your State Chair. You however can influence that decision because your State Chair will be up for reelection most likely this year and will want your vote! Come on folks let’s restore the republic in our party as well as our country.

Now get out there and have some fun and make a difference too!

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4 Responses to “RNC Chair Race Heats Up; Still looking for a real champion . . . from Freeople.com”

  1. Sandra Crosnoe Says:

    Reason magazine takes a look at the #RNCCHAIR race

  2. Sandra Crosnoe Says:


    Thanks Michael P Leahy for a great update – hope you are right and Kate Dawson or Saul Anuzis actually wins this race. Tomorrow we will know the answer finally!

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