Lady Axxiom may be here soon . . .

axxiom banner cropped

Would you all like for her to post here too? Tell her and invite her and we’ll see what happens . . .


2 Responses to “Lady Axxiom may be here soon . . .”

  1. AxXiom Says:

    I’m here, I’m here!
    So good to be wanted-thank you.

    I’m a one track mind and the “Citizens Assembly for Oklahoma Sovereignty” we are having on on Jan 3, 09 is fast approaching, so that is all I can think about. Well, that and the Real ID Act, of course. I am worried that because we have done so a good job pushing back against the REAL ID Act that everyone will think that they are out of the woods and they won’t see what is coming until it is too late. The federal government has been steadily funneling money towards the states in the form of grants designed to reward the ones that have made some progress towards becoming Real ID compliant. This is misguided. The fact the Real ID Act is an unfunded mandate has been widely touted as reason #1 for states to justify refusing it. DHS hopes that by providing funds the argument against the plan will evaporate. Many state legislators have become aware of the dangers contained within the act and are attempting to address them specifically.
    We need to look beyond the matter of funding and ask the crucial question “Are state official bound to enforce federal regulatory schemes that are contrary to its duty to uphold the rights of the people?”

    I will post for you later today what is being done to oppose Real ID (and similar) in Oklahoma, as well as other states. I feel very hopeful that this act and its kin (S 717 the Identification Security Enhancement Act of 2007) can be defeated. I know that if Americans hold dear the notion that we all have certain unaleinable rights granted to us by our Creator, we absolutely must not allow these mandates to be implemented.

    Thank you for your kind invitation and see you on Twitter!

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