Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis Today – Back to our GOP roots!

We are gathered in Minneapolis today for the rally for the republic – taking back the GOP and returning to our limited government roots is the overall theme of the rally. It is an all day event with lots of speakers and entertainment planned.

I just spoke with our very own Bryan Thome at the Liberty Straw Poll booth!  It is on the Skyway level near where you get off the escalators.  Be sure to stop by the booth and say Hi to Bryan and pick up your LSP tickets while you are there.  This is an effort that should be being promoted on all our blogs and meetups because we are raising money and visibility for our candidates across the country.  We need it to be a huge money bomb and then we need to do something similar in ever state across the land.  Will you organize your state and help fund our R3 candidates from school board to state house to DC?
Doug Wead wowed the crowd and is now signing books. 
Gotta run now will update again in a bit so check back if you like!
This event is being covered online and on TV.   C-SPAN 2 to cover the entire Rally for the Republic 

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