Talking Points & Thoughts for Day One–RNC St Paul MN

Leadership through Service

and the sacrifice of our time to promote Real Leaders

In American politics today there is a lot of arrogance. One of the things that we must all be cognizant of is the value of our time. Our gift to others is through both the sacrifice of time and money. Real leadership comes through service. As we look at potential leaders we need to make sure that they understand the basic principles of limited government and God given rights in order promote them.

The constitutional, conservative, libertarian, wing of our party has been central to Republican efforts since the inception of the party. It predates the party in our founding fathers. Limited government ripples through our constitution and all of our decisions should be bottom up and decentralized with respect for core values.

The birth of the Ron Paul Movement exemplifies grassroots politics coming to the fore with new energy and life surrounding age old ideals. Our champion has gone from one man with a message to a groundswell of people running for office and taking back our country. Oklahoma State Rep Charles Key says, “Our rights come from God not from men. We will constrain government at all levels from overreaching and taking powers not granted by the Constitution. We will embrace the freedoms that have made America great once again.”

For more information txt/call Rep Charles Key 405.397.7082 or call Mr. Brady Wright 405.650.1756 ============================================================================ TO MY FRIENDS IN MN TO SHARE WITH OTHERS AS APPROPRIATE DURING THE RNC CONVENTION

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