Reblog: Open Letter to OK GOP Chairman, Matt Pinnell


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Qadoshyah Fish has summed things up well and handled matters as we are supposed to by letting the person offending you know of the problem directly. I encourage many of you to do the same as the opportunity permits. Hold the standard of truth and righteousness up high for all the people to see. Challenge people to do better and encourage them to repent AND turn from wicked ways. Leave the door open and keep the light on the matter for all to see~

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for Finding Gems and Sharing Them

Photo Credit: Qadoshyah — Livestreaming the proceedings of this gathering that shouldn’t be called a Convention — with Suriyah Fish.

Originally posted on Liberty Live Blog Team:

I hand delivered the following open letter to OK GOP’s Chairman Matt Pinnell this morning and had an intense, but good 30 minute conversation with him. It started pretty rough with Matt, but he calmed down and it ended on a very positive note. It ended with Matt asking for a meeting with us to discuss how to go forward and what needs to be done to steer our Party in the right direction.

I told Matt I felt that I could talk to him (and he wants us to talk to him!) and that’s why I was coming to him. I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than him getting mad at me. So, when we had a good conversation addressing these issues, I was very pleased. The outcome was different than I expected, so I am very glad with how it went. Thanks Matt for taking the time…

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